Lynda Leigh

Lynda LeighLynda Leigh is Australia’s only profoundly deaf professional speaker for business. Lynda will show how you can serve an extra 3.5 million Australian customers – that’s 15% of the market.

Lynda will show you a better way of doing business. Like many deaf people, she was frustrated at not being able to get things done because she couldn’t talk on the phone. She was tired of poor customer service that ignored the needs of the deaf and hard ofhearing community.
Lynda had an epiphany and turned a negative into a positive. Now, she speaks to organisations across Australia, showing how accessibility is not only good for the community, it makes perfect business sense.Whether you need a conference speaker, an MC or a dynamic facilitator, Lynda Leigh will fit the bill.
There are plenty of successful speakers, authors and trainers who tell you how to do business. Normal business using normal business methods with normal customers as a normal every-day event.
Nothing odd about that… except…
Many customers don’t fit the ‘normal’ mold. When they only have to jump on the internet to find a competitor who’ll take what you do, and do it cheaper, you need a new strategy to win these customer’s loyalty. Lynda will show you how by giving you a window into the lives of deaf, hard of hearing, as well as other ’disabled’ customers.
Her difference doesn’t end there. She doesn’t just motivate or inspire her audiences,  She also gives them the necessary ‘how to’s’ – all with a good dose of humour and realism.

Topics  Include:

Customer Service – She will show you how to serve your customers better, using tools you already have.
Networking – Everyone says that you should network. Lynda willshow you the ‘how to’s – the necessities and niceities.
Confidence – When you hear how she has overcome adversity, you’ll never want to be part of the norm again.
Communication – When you speak to your customers, are they listening? Lynda gives you insight into a market that other businesses have forgotten about.
Records and Information Management – after 15 years of piles, she has some great stories to share.