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OHS is not just another thing I have to do!

Alan Newey


Workplace Safety Speaker. Alan Newey is a survivor of a workplace accident and the director of Chat Safety. Having lost his right dominant arm to a conveyor belt accident, and spent many years in recovery and rehabilitation…

Mark Visser


Mark Visser is an Australian big wave surfer, author, keynote speaker and ocean adventurer. He is known as one of the fittest watermen in the world. Visser is a coach to many world champion athletes, professional sporting teams, business and elite military groups around the world…


Kerryn Redpath grew up in a loving family, is a devoted mother of three wonderful adult children and a powerful speaker on the dangers of substance abuse


Something extraordinary happened when John Davey turned 55.His legs fell off, and half his arms went missing. John will be the first to admit that, up until then, he hadn’t lived an exceptional life. But, as it turns out, John is an exception…

Excellent. Good Communication throughout the process from enquiry to follow up after the presentation.

ConnectEast Group

Excellent, made everything so easy, straightforward, and a pleasure to work with.. Would definitely be keen to work with again.

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