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homer papantonio

The Corporate Impostor, Homer Papantonio is widely acclaimed as Australia’s premier tailored conference speaker.   

Since bamboozling over 500 bearded Zoo Directors at the Global Zoological Directors Conference back in 1995…to delivering the opening keynote at Microsoft’s 2014 Asia Pacific Kick Off ….        to more recently being proclaimed as NASA’s Director of Surface Operations for the 2020 Mars mission at the Australasian Geological Symposium. . . Homer has successfully created over one 1700 exquisitely tailored  comic characters across Australia as well as on over 20 international appearances each character meticulously tailored to educate, entertain and enthrall his audiences.

The Corporate Impostor, Homer Papantonio:

* delivers presentations as a unique character created specifically for your event under the guise of an overseas industry expert or guru

* targets the key issues of any profession / organisation as well as addressing the central theme of an event to educate, entertain and enthrall

 * undertakes comprehensive briefing with the client & extensive research with meticulous attention to detail to develop each keynote  character creation – often spanning several months of research, writing and re-writing until the performance date.

* Each keynote / character creation is accompanied with a meticulously tailored Visual Power Point Presentation

* The Corporate Impostor is guaranteed to be the highlight of your entire event. Independent post performance client evaluations on Homer’s last 1000 engagements he has a 99.9% Excellent rating across the diverse client range for both the private and public sectors.


Thank you for a truly entertaining performance at the recent RAAA National ConventionThey say it is all in the research, preparation and attention to detail in planning, and you achieved just that through your own skill and being able to work with your client. Well done.  The delivery on the night was well pitched and delivered, with your ability to be in-character, work from the prepared presentation and take licence to feel and move with the audience, adding that something special. The character was believable, charming, and yet when the penny dropped you held audience in suspension of disbelief. We all went along and loved it! Laughter from the sponsors tables at the front, to the back very back of the room throughout the performance says it all!  Thank you again for a great performance and being a true professional.

Aviation Association of Australian National Conference

Thanks for your fantastic contribution.   The feedback was awesome !  Your performance was beyond our expectations …very well researched and delivered with great creativity and humour
Australian / New Zealand Practice Management Conference

A wonderful performance the feedback we had was fabulous. Your in-depth background research about our industry made your presentation so authentic. Indeed a number of people remarked as to how much research you must have conducted as well the message you conveyed. It was also thrilling to watch the delegates laugh virtually non-stop from the beginning to to the end. You made us ( the conference organisers) look good simply by choosing you. Thank you.”

Concrete Industry National Conference

Fantastic …even though this is the third time we have used you ..you were even funnier and more engaging.  Absolutely brilliant and entertaining and we can’t wait to have you back again
Global Business Camps Annual Conference