Howard Langmead

Howard LangmeadAn Anglican priest who doubles as a stand up comic.

An experienced media commentator with an angle and a smile.

A cleric who believes that the 11th commandment is ‘thou shalt laugh!’

A passionate man who enjoys discussing social and ethical trends.

A Christian who thinks Jesus hung out with prostitutes, sinners and journalists.

Howard Langmead connects with believers and atheists alike. He can talk pop culture with the same ease that he deals with religious matters. The Anglican priest of St John’s West Brunswick in inner-city Melbourne moonlights as a stand-up comic (six successful Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows on the CV) social and religious affairs media commentator and laughter workshop. Howard’s mission is to make both God and people laugh.

Despite his vocation, Howard has a lot in common with the rest of us, being twice married and three times a father. Formerly a primary school teacher, Howard was ordained in 1982. In 2001 he accepted the role as the Christmas angel on the roof of St Paul’s Cathedral. Wearing a gold sequined loincloth, large red and gold wings and very little else, he attracted much attention from Christmas shoppers in the city of Melbourne.

Howard made headlines again last Christmas when his campaign to put Christ back into Christmas made the front page of The Age and the evening news across all channels. A self confessed ‘media tart’ Howard has been seen on A Current Affair, Today On Saturday, Sunrise, Stateline, and Compass. He currently contributes to ABC 774’s Drive Program, discussing ethical dilemmas with host Virginia Trioli and listeners.

Howard is an informed, savvy and entertaining speaker who is as happy in comedy clubs as he is in the pulpit.