Les Mohr

Les MohrLes Mohr served as a Patrol Officer in Papua New Guinea.
In describing the work of PNG Patrol Officers former Australian Governor General, Field Marshal Sir William Slim wrote ” these young Australians went alone where I could have only gone with a regiment. They achieved by sheer force of character what I could have only achieved with troops. I do not think there has been anything like it in the modern world.”
Les patrolled the Western Highlands region of pre Independence PNG. He led the patrol that made the initial contact with the Aindem people.
He has been awarded medals by both the Australian and the Papua New Guinean Govts. Les is a successful author, most Australians are familiar with his work through readings on the ABC’s national radio program, Australia All Over.
Having lived and worked with the whole gamut of mankind from cannibals and sorcerers to senior multinational executives, Les has arrived at certain opinions, that he now enjoys sharing with live audiences, in the hope of making the world a better place. With such a background and a natural gift for the dramatic,  Les provides audience targeted evenings  of fun and interest.


“Les Mohr has a great sense of humour. You’ve probably read The Dead Horses so you’ll know what I’m talking about. And in between the laughs comes Les’ pearls of wisdom and observation. Ideas that are fresh and with a refreshing attitude in this politically correct world we inhabit. In my book, Les is definitely ‘more”. Ian McNamara ABC Radio