Paul Jennings

Paul JenningsThe personality that becomes many personalities is one of Australia’s great entertainers. Paul Jennings is many faces and many voices.

Paul is the impersonator supreme. Give it a name, give it a face and Paul will be your John Howard, Ronald Reagan, Peter Harvey or any of a hundred different characters.

This gives you quite a team of entertainers and people to choose from when you’re having a function. Paul is even funny and entertaining when he is being himself, and can add lots of light relief to a serious message or heavy day’s session.

His impersonating career started in the sixties in the announcers booth at GTV9 Melbourne. Taking off local personalities, right on their own home territory, the word leaked to Graham Kennedy that here was a talent that could quickly raise a laugh with his mimicry – Paul soon became a regular on the “In Melbourne Tonight” show. In 1973, Paul Jennings received national recognition on Mike Willesee’s “A Current Affair” and later in the Willesee series on Channel 10. Paul Jennings’ Bob Hawke came face to face with the original on national TV in 1975 much to the amusement of both. Paul’s first hit single quickly followed: “The Bob Hawke Drinking Song” became a top seller.

Paul has, and continues to appear on most of the top radio and TV programmes including Good Morning Australia and Hey Hey It’s Saturday and he was the voice behind the highly successful ‘Rubbery Figures’ puppets on ABC TV.

Major companies such as Woolworths, Ford, GMH, ICI, AWA, Fujitsu, Mercantile Credits and Sanyo have used him for trade presentations and launches. Alternatively, you may wish to have him compere the programme with “a little help from his friends”.

For pure entertainment or if you are looking for the ‘different’ guest speaker, you can’t go past Paul Jennings.