Tansel Ali

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Tansel Ali is a 3-Time Memory Champion, Celebrity Memory Coach, Bestselling Author, and the only person in the world to memorize 2 Yellow Pages phone books in only 24 days.

Tansel is the go-to person for the topic of Memory in the world. As seen on TV, he coaches busy executives, celebrities, leaders, athletes and entrepreneurs to help improve their memory. He is the memory master.

As a keynote speaker he transforms audience’s minds as they instantly recall and remember things. His amazing memory demonstrations not only entertain, but unleash the very secrets to a powerful mind. Everyone is then able to take away practical memory solutions to implement in their busy lifestyles to save time, maximise productivity, increase confidence, reduce stress, unlock creativity, and learn anything in record time superfast.

He travels extensively from Australia, to Asia, Europe and the Middle-East passing on his memory skills to thousands.

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Tansel Ali is a very inspirational speaker and a real down to earth, genuine character who proves that anyone can have a vast, quick and accurate memory if they harness his powerful techniques. The presentation he gave was loads of fun and full of easy to understand, practical techniques we could all use immediately to boost our memory and creativity. Tansel kept everyone engaged and interested throughout the talk by involving the audience in practical memory demonstrations as well as dedicating significant time afterwards to answer many audience questions.

Tim Eden, Senior Network Engineer, Google

Tansel was a star performer at the first FACETS event – TEDxDubbo. His speech was excellent and funny. We hired him as a Speaker because we’d seen his skills on a TV show and thought wow! We were privelleged that he answered the call and shared his ideas with us. I recommend him for a Speaker if you need an interesting, engaging, highly memorable guy.

Andrew Ward, TEDxDubbo

Tansel’s understanding of memory enabled him to provide practical advice to marketers about how to get their messages remembered. At short notice Tansel was able to prepare a breakfast presentation that worked in well with two other speakers. He made a real difference to the enjoyment and learning from the session. We would highly recommend him.

David Donnelly, Owner Instinct and Reason