Anna Lee

Anna LeeAfter a diverse career spanning the higher education, publishing and entertainment industries, Anna Lee established her own consultancy in 2008, when her first child was 6 weeks old. Her mission: to support women to take charge of their lives and careers.
Over the next six years Anna worked with hundreds of women, and became increasingly fascinated by the unconscious biases that underpin human behaviour – particularly individual and organisational decision-making. In 2014, her desire to impact on the ‘big picture’ led her to merge her business with Leed Consulting, partnering with her brother Diarmid. A key focus of Leed is working with leaders to mitigate bias, maxmise effectiveness and make better decisions.
Anna’s presentations combine up-to-date research, humour and personal stories that speak to both the head and the heart. She’s willing to challenge people to lean out of their comfort zone, and if she can possibly manage it, she’ll have them practising new skills before they leave their seats.
Whether Anna is speaking for 10 minutes or an hour, in a staff room or a convention centre, she offers audience members the opportunity to broaden their perspectives, deepen their knowledge and learn new ways of thinking and acting. Her presentations are interactive, engaging and thought-provoking, ensuring that those who speak remember her message.
Anna’s presentations focus on the challenge that the information age presents to our overwhelmed brains. In 2016 , we encounter more data, more decisions and more distractions in a single day than our ancestors dealt with in a lifetime. If we are to avoid overload and inefficiency, we must learn how to allocate our attention wisely, rest and refresh our minds, and minimise the impact of bias on our actions and decisions.
Topics that Anna has previously covered for clients include:

  • Leading with the Brain in Mind: practises for optimising team and personal performance
  • Organise Your Mind: a toolkit for increasing productivity and wellbeing
  • Make the Most of Your Mind: helpful cognitive habits for the information age
  • Overcoming Overwhelm: making friends with stress
  • Bias … Me?: why stereotyping is unavoidable and what we can do about it

With a Masters in Professional Education and Training, Anna’s emphasis is always on translating new knowledge, skills and ways of thinking into immediate and sustainable action.
Anna has held various positions on executive and management committees, including State President of the National Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services and State Convenor of the Australian Collaborative Education Network. Anna has previously held positions on the Boards of No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability and the Community Business Bureau.


Bachelor of Arts (Hons)
Masters, Professional Education and Training
Springboard Program Licensed
Rutherford Gender Cultural Audit Licensed
Psynapse Unconscious Cognition Assessment Accredited Certified Coach – Institute of Coaching and Consulting Psychology, Sydney


‘Easily one of the best speakers I have ever encountered (and I’ve seen many!) and her knowledge and enthusiasm was contagious. She literally had all of us in the palm of her hand and hanging off her every word.’ SA Police
Absolutely inspirational – her style is informative, enthusiastic, challenging and entertaining. A fantastic presenter!’
Kathy, Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
What an amazing speaker. She uses wit and humour, pathos and her own life experience to engage and motivate the audience.City of Unley