Bill Nikolouzakis

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Bill Nikolouziakis

A multiple company founder, investor and seasoned C-level executive, Bill is currently Board Advisor at Bond Conveyancing, Non-Executive Director of Urban Seed Projects and Managing Director of Levels Growth Consultants.

Most recently, Bill was COO and CRO at PropTech Group Limited (ASX:PTG). In his time with the group Bill implemented new systems for sales, support and onboarding and a new go-to-market strategy which resulted in growth that saw the business increase revenue by 136% YoY to $21.4m in cash receipts.

Previously, Bill was the founder of Nyko Property which was sold to iBuyNew Group Limited (ASX:IBN) in 2016. In 2018, Bill was appointed Group CEO and later Executive Director. In his leadership role, Bill guided the company through a change management process that peaked with a 500% increase in the share price and a successful exit.

Bill has raised over $35m in funding from the public markets and is an active investor in both public and private companies.

“I love nothing more than solving complex problems and helping businesses grow. I’ve learnt the hard way that scaling a business is not doing what you do now just with more people. It’s about implementing the best systems and processes, while understanding the changing nature of your role and finding the most suitable talent at each stage of the growth cycle to ensure you are growing profitably.”
– Bill Nikolouzakis

Topic One – Four critical concepts to build a culture of high performance
Bill discusses the four concepts he has used to build high performance cultures in industries
ranging from mortgage broking and real estate, to marketing and SaaS. The ideas Bill covers
include creating quality feedback policies, ultimate responsibility for you and your team, being
decisive using data, and building a positive work environment by creating a culture of purpose.

Topic Two – Attract, engage and delight customers. Turning clients from strangers to
Bill guides the audience through the steps to take when building a go-to-market strategy to attract
customers and ensure the journey will delight them into becoming raving fans. Most leaders think
of their sales and marketing process when building a GTM plan and what their sales cycle needs
to look like. This is not the right way to engage customers. The best companies prioritise the buyer and the
buyer journey. What they need at each step to not only make a positive buying decision, but to be
thrilled at the end of the transaction, becoming promoters to help engage the next cohort of

Topic Three – The servant leader: How to take your business from good to great
Bill discusses the characteristics of a great leader and how to lead teams through change while
scaling your business. In his presentation, Bill will introduce the concept of a servant leader and
why the best leaders work in this way. He will also cover the importance of having a deep
understanding on why you do things, not just how.

Topic Four – The 6 steps to prepare your business for scale
In this keynote, Bill discusses the non-negotiable steps every business needs to take to scale
their business quickly in a safe, profitable, and sustainable way. From leadership styles to building a go-to-market strategy and revenue team personas, Bill extracts the most valuable learnings from his own experience in growing teams from $0 to $20m+ in revenue and provides audiences with takeaways on the best changes they can make to their business now to help them grow.

Duration Bill’s keynote speeches typically run for 30 or 45 minutes plus questions.
Topics & Timing Times and subject matter can be tailored to suit specific events.

Bill presented at the iSelect conference and was a huge hit. Bill’s direct approach
and easy to follow concepts provided our team and partners with key takeaways
which could be implemented in their businesses.

Alan Caputo Former Group Executive - iSelect

Bill presents like few others I have seen. His ability to hold the attention of a crowd,
no matter how big or small, and deliver his message clearly and with impact, makes
it a pleasure to be in the room when he is on stage.

Mark Mendel, Former CEO - iBuyNew

Bill is an exceptional spokesperson for mortgage brokers. I attended upwards of 20
training sessions that he held for my brokers & referrers, his capacity to engage room
was fantastic. He spoke with clarity, purpose & established a game plan.

Rosco Laurenson Former State Manager - Vow Financial