Chris Helder

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Chris Helder creates leaders and sales people with impact. Utilising the Power of Influence he demonstrates how to increase results and sell in the new ‘E-Wall’ reality.

Chris Helders presentations are a high energy look at understanding and influencing human behaviour. His specialty areas include Sales, communication and leadership and Chris draws from many fields of research for his presentations.  Sessions are an incredible combination of humour and highly tailored content.  Chris is a certified practitioner of NLP (INLPTA) and has synthesised his knowledge in advanced communications and behavioural modelling with a wealth of corporate speaking experience.

From leading a team, to winning that career making account, audiences discover the keys to influencing themselves and those around them. These skills range from adjusting to different personality ‘intensities’ to eliminating ‘toxic’ behaviours and approaching the future with certainty and clarity. Chris has developed a powerful platform of material and models that help teams improve their mindsets and lift results. Regularly presenting throughout Asia Pacific, USA and Europe his global client list includes: Citibank, Merrill Lynch, GlaxoSmithKline, Toyota, Fuji Xerox, Levi’s and IBM.    Chris Helder has established himself as the industry’s best and has earned outstanding testimonials from a wide range of clients.



The Power of Influence
This powerful program makes an IMMEDIATE impact in the areas of communication, sales, leadership and building customer relationship. Prepare for a HIGH ENERGY presentation which will leave participants with “tools” to PERSUADE and INFLUENCE. Chris has a fresh approach that concentrates on understanding those you are trying to influence, in order to create a stronger connection and ultimately results. Within this session audiences will explore
–        The greatest communication, persuasion and influencing tools that are practical and can be implemented immediately.
–        Learn a list of “1%” behaviours that significantly improve your results and relationships.

 Breaking Down the E-Wall – Selling in the new reality
Business is different in the new reality the way we operate and make sales has and continues to change. People and brands are embracing the digital age and using technology and social media more than ever. The digital age has created a virtual electronic wall behind which our clients can now hide.  We all need to embrace the digital age that has provided our world with an unprecedented level of access to communication at the touch of a button. However face to face selling skills have not become redundant. If anything they’ve become more important than ever
–        Chris will explore the classic “E” Ping Pong timeline and how to break down the “E” Wall
–        Gives audiences specific tools designed to increase sales and shorten the sales cycle. You and your staff will learn modern tools and how to combine them with time-honoured techniques for sales professionals

Excellent. Having sat through countless motivational speakers – Chris would rate as the best. He overlapped business goals & personal – very important for people who spend so much time at work. Made me think.

Volkswagen Financial Services Australia

As a result of Chris’s skills the program was enjoyable and quickly absorbed. There have been immediate improved results in behaviour and increased selling skills


It’s not just the exuberance, nor the passion.  It’s not even just about the remarkable content.  With Chris Helder you know he just gets it.  He READS his brief, knows who he’s talking to – then gets a feel for the audience in the first 30 seconds. Wham! Everyone engaged, along for the ride and soaking up his invaluable insights and lessons.

DMP Marketing

Usually I am very critical of presenters, but I have just been to our breakfast forum and seen one of the best. Chris Helder is brilliant! Chris is young, vibrant, and passionate, has great content and is really into changing behaviours

Commonwealth Bank