Colin James

Colin JamesColin James inspires crucial conversations around culture and change. Challenging the usual assumptions on leadership by focusing on the crucial skill of Followership.
Colin James has been helping people navigate the shifting landscape of business for over 20 years. He helps people find better ways to develop intelligent leadership, change and collaboration.  Essentially, how do we establish cultures where ‘Followership’ naturally arises? In a world of fast change and expanded options this is a crucial conversation.
Colin is the Director of Atmore International and his background in broadcasting and marketing provide another dimension of experience.  But it is his unique corporate framework and content that sets him apart. This framework has been developed by years working at the highest levels with a range of companies around the globe.  He brings a profound commitment designing outcomes which enhance people’s professional and personal capacities. Delivering practical keynotes, training and facilitation his approach is honest, direct, unique and highly inclusive of every group he works with. If you are looking for a powerful keynote, workshop, strategy session or full day facilitation Colin will provide a fresh ‘lens’ for business to consider culture and leadership.


Followership- Good Leaders create good Followers and good Followers create good Leaders
Leadership is theoretically easy. That’s why there are tens of thousands of books on the subject. Of course it’s more complex than reading a book or article. What constitutes excellent leadership?  Does the answer lie in focusing on “Followership”?  Followership challenges both Leaders in organizations (how to be a better leader) and employees (how to be a better ‘follower’).  Colin James has been studying, exploring and researching the nature of Leadership and Followership for 3 decades.  He draws upon a host of stories, references, humour and his unique graphic presentation ability to hold audiences fully engaged and enthralled. More importantly participants are not just left with a powerfully positive message but also with practical, immediately applicable skills.
In this keynote Colin will explore:
–        What makes an excellent follower?  The 3 key reasons Followers follow and the 3 reasons they will stop.  How can this transform people and cultures?
–        How to build authentic leaders
Making the ‘impossible’ possible
They say we are the sum of our experiences, essentially we do what we do because of our beliefs… This keynote/workshop challenges this very assumption very dramatically! Over a 90-minute session Colin James shows participants how to draw a fully rendered, artist quality portrait to the standard depicted above.  The drawing component of his session takes an hour, so in 60 minutes Colin reveals not only that drawing is a skill that can be learned but a metaphor for belief limitations most of us impose on our lives.  This is a startling experience which leaves participants with a real-life experience for challenging and redefining their belief system.  This session is designed help audiences to:
–        Understand how beliefs are encoded and give participants strategies to manage believe change effectively.  Demonstrated by teaching the audience step by step to draw an artist quality portrait in one hour.
–        Recognize self-sabotaging belief patterns and challenge areas in their work and personal lives where limiting beliefs could be getting in the way.
The Change Game – Managing Change in all life contexts
A keynote in high demand is The Change game.  This keynote is tailored and designed to meet the specific outcomes sought by the client and contextualized to industry and circumstancesConstant, relentless, rapid change is just the way it is.  Then add the need for speed, we need it immediately. There is a requirement to adapt, adjust and accommodate the change intellectually, emotionally, psychologically and collectively. One consistent block occurs. People. People often will not change behaviours and habits that are self-destructive. What causes such resistance, antipathy and, at times, overt hostility to change? Delivered as a keynote or a workshop equips participants to:
–        Identify their current state and understand the psychological map of change strategies to manage it more effectively
–        Move from victim to accountability thinking and behaviour and apply healthy change practice in their teams and organisations.
 8 Powers of Leadership
This is a powerful and impactful keynote that Colin has delivered to diverse audiences around the world. In 2004 Colin James attended a conference on India exploring the notion of values and leadership required in a globalized world.  The conference highlight was the contribution of a delegate from New York city, Niyatti an Indian ex-pat who had been living in the US.  She asked if she could share her knowledge which included something she called the 8 Powers. These 8 Powers demand a higher level of conscious living and a different level of intelligence… a spiritual intelligence. She invited delegates to use and apply this knowledge in any way considered beneficial. The result for Colin James is the 8 Powers of Leadership keynote.  Audiences will explore:
–        The power to face challenges, make decisions, face challenges and take others with them.
–        The power to merge people, processes and tasks. Leaders get to know themselves, understand others and work cooperatively.
Colin brings a level of depth and engagement I have never experienced before in my 24 years in business – brilliant.– Executive General Manager, Commonwealth Bank
 This program has been the best training investment I have seen… Colin is simply outstanding in his ability to hold a group of senior partners engaged for an entire week – Managing Partner, Ernst & Young 
Truly one of the worlds best Facilitators– Executive VP, Oracle Inc
 We constantly heard one name, Colin James, and he has been fundamental to the success of the Accelerate Program over these last four years.– GM Talent, NAB