Dr Bruce Hilliard

Dr Bruce HilliardDr Bruce Hilliard delivers unique insights, which help people achieve their business and personal goals, by improving the way they influence and educate others. These techniques are based on nearly 35 years of research into the fundamental way our brains process information. Just as importantly, these psychology-based techniques have been refined over many years of practical application, so they work very well in the business world. For example, Bruce has successfully tailored and applied these integrated methods to help many organisations improve their business communications, sales and marketing, training, and tendering processes.
Bruce has also written the popular book ‘Persuasion and Influence – The Science and Art of Persuasive Presentations’ and presented his ground-breaking concepts at numerous conferences, workshops and Master Classes.
The workshops and Master Classes discussed below can therefore give you detailed insights that are easy-to-apply and highly effective. This means that you can use these techniques to educate and influence others very successfully, by making straightforward and highly practical changes to the way you communicate. Bruce is also well known for delivering this knowledge in a highly-engaging, interesting, and memorable way.


Speaking on the Spot 
Many of us have to speak, so we can convince others. Such speaking can include anything from a conversation to a sales pitch, or even answering media questions. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to do this well, because they can’t quickly work out the best way to get their message across successfully. The Speaking on the Spot Master Class explains easy-to-understand, but very powerful techniques, which ensure that you will truly convince others.
This highly practical Master Class:
✓ explains very effective techniques such as the ‘Keys to Persuasion’ and ‘The Four Step Process’, which help to ensure that your message aligns to the way people think, so you will be highly persuasive and believable;
✓ gives you clear guidance on optimising your voice delivery and body language, so you can convey your message much more effectively; and
✓ shares important psychology-based insights, so your words effectively shape other peoples’ perceptions.
Anybody who needs to answer questions, or convince others, will benefit from attending this Master Class. This includes executives, managers, politicians, and anyone interacting with the media.
Persuasion and Influence 
This Master Class helps sales, advertising, and marketing professionals, so they can develop messages that fundamentally influence customers. The techniques covered in this Master Class are remarkable, because they explain potent methods for influencing the fundamental perceptions of other people.
In particular, this Master Class:
✓ will show you how to psychologically profile individuals or
groups, so you can understand how they will interpret your message;
✓ explains how you can then structure your sales message using advanced Cognitive Templates, so you will deeply influence others; and
✓ gives advanced advice on effective message development and delivery techniques, so your marketing, advertising, and sales content is readily understandable and highly-memorable.
Everybody in sales, marketing, or advertising will find that the information covered in this Master Class helps them achieve their business objectives.

Presentation Skills 
Developing and delivering presentations can be very hard work. This workshop explains a set of science-based practical techniques, which you can apply to improve the quality of your presentations, and cut development time by up to half. Most importantly, these techniques work just as well for everything from impromptu speeches, to highly complex business, academic, or technical presentations.
This workshop:
✓ explains how you can rapidly structure your presentation
content, so it aligns to the way your audience will think;
✓ demonstrates a set of powerful presentation delivery techniques, which will help you to convey your message more effectively; and
✓ assists you to develop these skills through a range of interesting practical exercises, so you can readily apply the techniques to generate success.
Anyone who wants to create powerful and effective presentations, will gain great benefit from this workshop.
Creating Clear Content (CCC – 3C) 
In our day-to-day work, we all need to develop written and spoken material that is concise and understandable. This could include creating anything from an email to a massive report or presentation. The 3C workshop shows you how to do this more effectively, by explaining a range of very effective techniques. You can then use these techniques to develop the right content, and cut your drafting time by up to half. This training therefore helps businesses to save time and effort, while avoiding miscommunication.
The 3C workshop will:
✓ show you how to easily target your message content more effectively, so it aligns to fundamental processes in the human brain;
✓ explains and demonstrates how you can rapidly develop your material using powerful Cognitive Templates; and
✓ gives you the opportunity to refine these skills, so you can rapidly improve the way you develop all types of business, marketing, academic, or technical content.
Anyone who needs to develop effective business materials (whether it is an email, or a highly complex report), will find the techniques explained in this workshop invaluable.
Brain Focussed Design 
A great deal has been written about visual design. However, recent research into the way our brains process information has proven that many commonly used design techniques actually hinder the communication of information. This Master Class can help you avoid these problems and improve all forms of visual design, by applying the latest research.

This Master Class:
✓ explains key factors that determine how our brains process visual information, so you can apply design techniques that influence people at a fundamental level;
✓ gives you many practical tips, which you can apply immediately to improve all forms of visual design, and therefore improve their effectiveness; and
✓ provides universal guidelines that slash content development time, by removing much of the guesswork.
Everyone who needs to create web pages, eLearning systems, or other electronic visual aids, will gain great benefits from these sessions. This Master Class is also extremely useful for anyone developing PowerPoint presentations or any type of slideware. It therefore forms a useful partner session to many of the preceding workshops and Master Classes.

SATS workshops & Master Classes 
These SATS workshops and Master Classes explain techniques that have been proven around the globe to provide a tender win rate of more than 80%. Most importantly, because this approach applies advanced (but easy-to-use) psychological techniques, organisations can successfully win tenders – even when they don’t provide the lowest price.
The workshops are designed to give tender drafting teams direct insights into these advanced, but highly practical techniques. The Master Classes follow on from the workshops, and these sessions explain how tender management staff can coordinate the team activities most effectively, to deliver the winning response on time, and for the minimum cost.
The SATS workshops and Master Classes:
✓ describe highly scalable techniques that can be applied for any type and size of tender response (e.g. EOI, RFT, RFI, etc.), which have been successfully used to win numerous small to medium tenders, as well as many others worth hundreds of millions of dollars;
✓ explain how you can use persuasive language that positively influences assessors, while also minimising contractual risks for your organisation;
✓ give practical systems, processes and techniques, which have been refined over more than 20 years of practical use, so they can save you time and effort, while ensuring that your bidding team remains properly focused on achieving the win; and
✓ outline proven methods that ensure you can reduce bidding costs, while increasing the effectiveness of your bids.
Marketing and tender response teams who want to win more bids should attend these sessions. In particular, these sessions are very useful for teams that must respond to complex and highly competitive tenders, which their organisations want to win, whilst protecting good profit margins.


‘I believe it will be of great value and it will also assist me with the delivery of sales training.’ – Sharon Rudd – HR Manager – TNT
‘The templates provide a good structure for content – I will get a lot of use out of these [and] the visual design aspects’. – Stephanie Ley – People Process and Systems Manager – AGL Energy
‘Thanks very much Bruce. I really enjoyed your presentation and will pass this on to colleagues.’ – Cassandra Buckingham – Staff Development Officer – Queensland Police Force
‘I enjoyed your presentation very much’ – Ricki Thompson – Manager SES State Training
‘Thank you for sharing this vast collection of tools and insight with us! Your material has truly got me thinking!’ – Katharina Wolf – Senior Lecturer – Public Relations Institute of Australia
‘I am so impressed with the content and am sure it will be a very valuable set of reference tools in future.’ – Susan Bellesario – Principal – Bellesario Consulting & Coaching
‘Thank you so much for all of this information. It is very useful to me.’ – Thitinan Sreethong – Department of Plant Science and Natural Resources – Chang Mai
‘I thought your presentation was fantastic, really interesting and useful’. – Holly Kent – Australian Tax Office
‘Thank you so much. I really learnt a lot today, hidden treasures lying out there waiting to be explored, and it will make my work a lot easier and time saving’ – Afamefuna Eyisi Paul – Senior Manager Department of Tourism – Nigeria
‘Having spent a long time working in engineering/product sales, I’ve seen a lot of different presentations, and I’ve spent plenty of hours myself agonising over how to structure a presentation. The material you presented will help me a lot in future to get better at it!’ – John Macfalane – Product Engineer – Smith Bits
‘Thanks for the seminar yesterday. Most interesting.’ – Justin Wood – Advisor Wholesale Markets – Electricity Authority, Wellington, New Zealand
‘I found it a very useful day and the cross discipline approach was a unique and practical way of delving into how people learn and how best to teach them.’ – Carole McElligott – Online Training Designer – Chartered Secretaries Australia Ltd.
‘Thank you Bruce, for both the training session yesterday and the information which you provided to us during and after the course, so we can implement these principles and strategies. I was most impressed that you were able to keep me engaged throughout the day, and you have provided so much useful information’. – Catherine Henderson – Development Advisor – CSBP