Leonie Collins

Leonie CollinsKeynote Speaker, LEONIE COLLINS CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) is in great demand on the Australian and International Corporate Speaking circuit. As a well known identity in the business sector, Leonie is regarded as a leading authority on Engagement, Customer Service, Change Management, Performance Management, Presentations Skills and as a Communications Expert.
Leonie has built a reputation as a highly skilled and experienced Speaker, Trainer and Consultant and has been at the cutting edge of developing innovative and interactive corporate in-house training programs for over 20 years.
Leonie Collins is committed to providing clients with services that are tailored to their specific requirements and add value to their business. She has designed and developed customer service and selling skills programs, CD’s, DVD’s, on line assessment and training manuals for a range of clients.
Having worked successfully in sales and marketing herself, Leonie has a clear understanding of the skills, processes, attitude and performance measures required to create a dynamic and highly successful team and culture. Her simple down-to-earth, easy-to-apply techniques and tools have helped to change the culture of hundreds of businesses across Australia, set performance management benchmarks, and improved individual attitudes.