Leonie McKeon

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Leonie McKeon is an Australian China-educated strategist who teaches the rules that drive business success in the massive and complex China market. Leonie has lived and travelled in the Greater China Region for several years where she learnt Mandarin, and through these hands on experiences discovered that “everything is negotiable”. She travels to China regularly assisting Australian companies conduct business with China and sees these negotiating tactics in action first hand.

Leonie is a keynote speaker and a workshop presenter who enables her audiences to understand Chinese negotiation tactics, which are commonly known as the 36 Chinese Strategies. She inspires her audiences to feel confident and therefore able to enjoy being part of the game of negotiating in any environment.

Learning outcomes of the 36 Chinese Strategies – workshops and presentations
Participants will:

  • Learn a structure and method they can use for negotiations in their own Western environment as well as a Chinese environment.
  • Acquire an understanding of when and how the 36 Chinese Strategies are used on them when they are conducting business with Chinese business people.
  • Learn how to prepare and therefore react when the 36 Chinese Strategies are used on them by Chinese business people.
  • Understand how to deal with key cultural differences such as “face”, “guanxi”, hierarchy and when “yes” means “no” and “yes” means “yes”.
  • Learn how to use the 36 Chinese Strategies when dealing with Chinese people.

36 Chinese Strategies – full – day workshop
Duration: 9am – 4pm
Maximum number of participants: 20 participants
36 Chinese Strategies – half – day workshop
(18 of the 36 Chinese Strategies)
Duration: 9am – 1pm
Maximum number of participants: 20 participants
36 Chinese Strategies– conference keynote presentation
Maximum number of participants: unlimited

Leonie McKeon – Presentation Topics 

Leadership using ancient Chinese wisdom to negotiate
Leadership frequently requires negotiation, and good leaders are effective negotiators. Leaders often find themselves in situations where they have to negotiate with people over whom they have little or no power or authority. Leonie will give you an insight into positioning yourself to maximise your opportunities and advantages using ancient Chinese negotiation strategies so you can become a powerful leader.

A uniquely revealing insight into negotiationOne of the most challenging and under-taught skills in the Western business world is negotiation. It is an activity that most people fear, get anxious about or simply avoid and ultimately move into an unsatisfactory negotiation causing even more stress to those involved. Leonie will give you an insight into how to negotiate with knowledge and confidence using a set of strategies that were developed from ancient Chinese wisdom.

Negotiation unfolded using ancient Chinese wisdom
Chinese people are experts at getting the best deal and have successfully been playing the game of strategic negotiation for hundreds of years. Leonie will teach you how they do this by taking you through some of the key strategic practices developed in ancient China and still used in modern China. These negotiation strategies can be used in any type of negotiation and are a new way of looking at the world of negotiation.

Creating strong pathways when negotiating
A negotiation that leads to business is a good negotiation. Effective negotiations encourage the development of strong linkages between the parties involved whilst still enabling strong business goals to be achieved. In Chinese negotiation this is understood as “friends before business”. Developing and maintaining your business relationship is the key to creating strong pathways during and after a negotiation. Leonie will teach you how the Chinese achieve both their relationships and their business goals.

Chinese Strategies workshops invaluable. The workshops were eye-opening and had the right amount of humour and personal stories to more than keep our attention.

Denis Pesci, PDG Hub Director, Western Australia

The feedback I have received during the day tells me that your work and insights were appreciated. It was a very useful exercise for the people who attended as it gave them much greater insight into what is involved in working with China. This has helped the ACBC NT achieve our objectives in engaging with Government and the business community.

Australian China Business Council, Northern Territory Branch Daryl Guppy, Vice President

The training that Leonie provided to our team was excellent. The program was practical, was delivered with context and opened the teams mind to learning more about how to do better business in China. I have no doubt that the learning’s will be applied and will provide great outcomes for our business. Leonie has also provided a great personal development opportunity for members of our team.

Kmart Matthew Webber, International Supply Chain Manager