Leonie McKeon

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Leonie McKeon

‘Using ancient wisdom to solve modern problems’

You will be surprised, motivated, and entertained by Leonie McKeon, who is a world expert in the interpretation and usage of the 36 Strategies (derived from Sun Tzu, ‘The Art of War’)

Leonie’s presentation will change the way think about sales, marketing, and leadership forever. You will learn how to skilfully use the 36 Strategies (derived from Sun Tzu, ‘The Art of War’) in every interaction with your clients and work colleagues. Knowing how to use this tried and tested ancient wisdom will help you reach agreements with desired outcomes for all parties and give you a unique competitive edge. There is no issue or problem that the 36 Strategies cannot be applied to.

Like many people, when Leonie first read ‘The Art of War’, she questioned its relevance in the contemporary business world. While living in the Greater China Region, among successful business people, who unconsciously use the 36 Strategies every day, she realised that these strategies are the keys to successful sales, crystal clear marketing, and effective leadership.

Leonie is an international author of a six-book series titled: “The Dao of Negotiation – The Path between Eastern strategies and Western minds”. Her books are sold globally in English and are also translated into Indonesian and German.

Speaker Topics

Successful sales using the 36 Strategies
Crystal clear marketing using the 36 Strategies
Effective leadership using the 36 Strategies

I can’t tell you how much you have given our family, and me personally, through your insights about the 36 Strategies. Understanding how the 36 Strategies are applied in was the lightbulb moment which has led to such revenue growth, opportunities, and personal growth. This has been one of the great, exciting professional and personal
Journeys and achievements of my life. Thanks again.

Joint Managing Director Bec Hardy Wines

Leonie’s 36 Strategies presentation is a game changer. The information shared not only provides insight on how to systematically approach business but provides a grounding that can be used for everyday relationship and negotiation management. Leonie is engaging as a presenter and her extensive experience and knowledge in this field is an amazing resource to be able to access.

Director Life Sciences Adelaide Zoo

The Art of Negotiation – 36 Strategies derived from ‘The Art of War’ workshop delivered by Leonie at the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) challenged conventional thinking.

Chairman Australian American Fulbright Commission