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Mark van Rijmenam is Founder of  Mark speaks on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Big Data and how these technologies change your organisation. He is an entrepreneur with a drive for innovative concepts that make a difference and inspire others. He has a strong background in online & mobile marketing, strategy, social media, Big Data and he is aware of the latest trends in the world that impact organisations.

Van Rijmenam has a background in business. He has a Master of Science in Marketing Management and a Bachelors of Administration in Hospitality Management. He has worked in the Caribbean, was part of the opening team of a five star ski resort in Dubai and worked at one of the largest banks in The Netherlands.
In 2011 he circumnavigated Australia on a bike for charity. 14.122 km in exactly 100 days. This experience taught him everything about perseverance, focus, discipline, a positive mind-set and how to plan for the unexpected. After this adventure, Van Rijmenam became an entrepreneur with a drive to have an impact on the world.

He is author of the book “Think Bigger – Developing a Successful Big Data Strategy for Your Business”, which was published globally as of April 2014. The book will be available in Chinese end of 2015. He is a frequent blogger on as well as other platforms around the web.

He is a highly sought-after international speaker on this topic. He has given lectures at the Business University Nyenrode and has spoken in Australia, France, South Africa and The Netherlands among others. He is co-founder of ‘Data Donderdag’ a bi-monthly (networking) event in The Netherlands on big data to help organizations better understand Big Data. He is acknowledge as a top global Big Data influencer.

Boardroom Sessions
Every C-level executive should have heard about Big Data by now. But how can you really turn your organization into a data-driven business? Where should you start and what does Big Data mean for your organization in particular? After all, Big Data means something different for every organization and every industry.

How can you build a product/service that is truly customer-centric and is based on data if you don’t know where to start? In two-hour boardroom sessions, Van Rijmenam will guide executives into the world of Big Data and explain how they should change their organization to be ready for the digital revolution that is upon us. Don’t wait any longer and contact us today

Keynote Speeches
Van Rijmenam is a leading authority on Big Data and how organizations should build a data-centric organization. Van Rijmenam’s keynote speeches are inspirational and provide the audience a deep understanding about the accelerated change that we are currently experiencing.
Thanks to his broad knowledge of major trends that affect our society and organizations, he can inspire your audience about what’s happening and how you should be ready for the changes ahead. He can provide you with a glimpse of the future and how your organization should be ready for it. Using countless inspiring examples of organizations from around the world, Van Rijmenam provides handles how to get started with Big Data.

Trends such as the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet, Quantified-Self, 3D printing, Big Data, Real-time analytics are changing our world and how we should do business. If you wish to be ready for a data-driven future, Van Rijmenam is the right person to have at your event, conference or meeting.


You can book Van Rijmenam for the following topics:

Leadership 4.0

Metaverse Mastery

Building a Bionic Business

Digital Renaissance

Unleashing the Generative A Genie

Data-driven Destiny


Mark knows the way in the complicated ‘Big Data’ landscape and is able to serve companies from different sectors well when the aim is setting up a Big Data strategy and providing the means to implement it.

Mediafacts - Wim Damhof, Chief Editor

I gave a presentation about how Walmart makes Big Data part of its DNA and a Big Data Strategy workshop at the Data Quality Conference in Melbourne, Australia. The presentation and attendance was greatly appreciated and feedback included among others: ‘Thoroughly insightful and very enjoyable’ & ‘Great, very knowledgeable’ & ‘Mark provided excellent Big Data insights and its possibilities in the future during the workshop

Data Quality Asia Pacific Congress – Melbourne, Australia