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Sonia McDonald

Sonia McDonald is a dynamic keynote speaker, leadership coach and advisor, and award-winning author. Named as a Top Voice on LinkedIn, one of the Top 250 Influential Women in the world as well as Top 100 Australian Entrepreneurs by Richtopia,

Sonia is internationally recognised as an expert in leadership and strategy, organisational development, workplace diversity, transformational culture and the neuroscience of leadership.

When Sonia speaks, she speaks from the heart. She is an impactful and motivational leadership expert that creates a life-changing experience for her audience. People call Sonia inspirational, relatable and a speaker who leaves a lasting impression. Her high-energy, authenticity and humour combined with actionable and practical advice, empowers her audience and provides them with the drive and confidence to take courageous action and inspire great leadership in all aspects of their lives.

She is a renowned author, having written several of her own books, Leadership Attitude, Just Rock It! and First Comes Courage as well as being a regular contributor in The Australian, HRD Magazine, Smart Healthy Women and Women’s Business Media.

Whether it’s a conference, a networking breakfast, a team building day or an annual event, Sonia customises the keynote or workshop to make your next event one that your audience will talk about for months to come. With a focus on the latest research in neuroscience combined with a story- telling approach, Sonia’s keynote topics help you discover the power of leading with courage, kindness, impact and purpose.

Through her leadership advisory and coaching work at LeadershipHQ, and founding the Outstanding Leadership Awards, Sonia is internationally recognised as an expert in leadership and culture, organisational development, neuroscience, kindness, and courage.

Sonia is also a full-time single parent and has a passion for women in business and teenage mental health. She travels and speaks across Australia and Globe, and she is on a mission to build a world of great leaders and leadership.

Speaking Topics Include

Leadership Is An Attitude: Based on Sonia’s cutting-edge book Leadership Attitude, which explores how you can be a leader through your attitude, values, actions, mindset and behaviour. This keynote has been transformational for thousands of leaders worldwide, leaving the audience inspired to be the leader they want to be.

Just Rock It!: A high-energy and inspiring keynote based on Sonia’s second book, Just Rock It!. Discover how to embrace fear to lead with confidence, courage and conviction. Sonia empowers her audience to shine and stand tall and be the impact they want to be. It has become a life-changer for many people.

First Comes Courage: Many leaders often wish they had more courage. This keynote is impactful and highly motivating based on Sonia’s book and explores the Courage Compass around Self, Kindness, Impact, Purpose and Resilience. Sonia will take your audience through the virtues and keys to courageous leadership.

Step In, Step Up, Stand Up & Lead: If you are like most women, you will love this keynote. Sonia will empower and inspire you as a woman to gain the courage and confidence you need to stand up and lead. You’ll learn how to identify your power, navigate through challenging conversations, and lead with impact. After attending this keynote, you’ll be inspired to take action, step into your courage, and lead confidently.

Building A Brilliant Team: Want to learn how to build great, high-performance, cohesive, and brilliant teams? In Sonia’s productive, engaging, and motivating keynote, you’ll understand the why, how, and what to keep your workforce engaged and motivated. You’ll also discover how to get things done in today’s fast-paced virtual, remote workplace world with intergenerational complexities and challenges

What An Event It Was – The Energy, The Passion In The Room Was Palpable. Our Attendees Described The Event As “Inspiring, Extraordinary, Energetic, Positive, Motivational And Incredible Speaker.


Sonia is an outstanding motivational speaker who inspires her audience to be inclusive and balanced leaders and you always leave wanting to hear more. Thankfully she also has wonderful books to support your journey to not only outstanding leadership, but courage and growth.

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Sonia is enthusiastic speaker who can communicate complex concepts in an entertaining and engaging manner.  Her depth of knowledge and understanding of leadership is exemplified in the detail she goes into in her presentation.  She’s committed to delivering the goods, honing her message to the group to ensure relevance and engagement. There’s no fluff, just substance with Sonia and she’ll give you skills to take home, tell others and start using immediately to better you, your company and everyone around you.

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