Bernard Salt

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Bernard Salt is a Partner of KPMG Australia based in Melbourne. 

Bernard holds Bachelor of Education and Master of Arts degrees and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Bernard has established an enviable reputation as an advisor to leading property investors and developers on matters relating to market demand. Bernard’s client list reads like a Who’s Who of Australian business.

Bernard is however best known to Australian business for his commentary in the media on the business implications of demographic and social change.

He is a columnist with The Australian and Wish magazine, and is the author of the popular best-selling book ‘The Big Shift: Welcome to the Third Australian Culture’; his 2006 release ‘The Big Picture’ and newly released in 2008 ‘Man Drought and Other Social Issues of the New Century’.  A look at the supply of single men and women in different parts of Australia.  It also considers social change in the workplace as well as generational and consumer trends.

Bernard has appeared on television programs such as A Current Affair, Business Sunday, The Today Show, SBS Insight, Today Tonight and 60 Minutes.

Topics Include:

Changing Mass and Target Markets: The Opportunities For Business
The business opportunities presented by Australians a-shiftin’ and a-shufflin’ around their continent
The business opportunities presented by the rise and fall of baby boomers, Xers, Generation Y and Dotcoms
The Impacts of Cultural & Demographic Change in Australia
The Rise of a Third Australian Culture: The Big Shift
The trends which will emerge over the next 20 years that present both opportunities and challenges to business