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Brett King is founder and CEO of break out retail bank Moven, the best selling author of BANK 3.0 and American Banker’s Innovator of the Year. 

Voted as American Banker’s Innovator of the Year in 2012, Brett King is widely considered the foremost global expert on retail banking innovation and customer experience. He is the CEO and founder of the break out retail bank Moven and has achieved widespread international recognition for his books ‘Bank 2.0’, ‘Bank 3.0’ and ‘Branch Today – Gone Tomorrow’ – each topping the global bestseller lists around the world.
Brett King travels the globe speaking at events for some of the world’s most recognized and progressive organizations, including: Google, Microsoft, Oracle, The Economist, Forbes, American Banker, and the World Council of Credit Unions. Sharing his disruptive insights into innovation, customer experience, channel distribution strategy and the fundamental shifts in consumer behaviour, King has become known as a leading industry futurist and disruptor – frequently featured as a commentator on CNBC, Bloomberg, Financial Times, The Economist, Huffington Post and The Banker magazine.




The Big Shift: How Customer Behaviour & Technology is Changing the of Financial Services
Customer behaviour is rapidly changing and financial institutions need to reinvent themselves or risk becoming irrelevant. The rules of engagement have changed. Cheques are disappearing and
cash is next. Mobile phones will replace wallets, consumers and their behaviours have shifted. The industry has to evolve alongside these changes. Brett shows companies how to adopt and thrive in this new environment. This presentation will give your organisation an insight on the three phases of disruptive change and the trends business can’t afford to ignore.
Learn about the evolution of consumer behaviour and examine the trends, innovations and technologies that are likely to have the most significant impact over the next decade.
Understand the key issues that choke the development of innovation across organisations and learn how to identify the quick wins that can justify improvement programs.

Goodbye Chequebook, Hello Facebook
Brett King looks at the latest trends that are redefining financial services and payments technologies. From the global scramble for dominance of the mobile wallet, the explosion of Tablet computing, the operationalizing of the Cloud and the rise of Social Media, this topic explores the reason why the financial services industry has to adapt or die. With customer advocacy killing traditional brand marketing and mobile technology completely changing the context of banking, the traditional methods of customer acquisition are also being challenged. Some consumers are even joining the ranks of the ‘de-banked’, those who don’t need a bank at all.
Brett will explore how Social Media has exposed pricing, over- regulation, out-dated processes and poor policy.
Explore customer advocacy, the impact of mobile technology and why banking is no longer a place you go, but something you do.


Advocacy, Behaviour, Context – the New Rules of Engagement
In this session designed for marketers and digital channel professionals, Brett King explores how social media, mobile marketing, daily deals, geo-location, advocacy, gamification and behavioural psychology are working to change the rules of engagement for financial service brands. This shift has far reaching implications for the organization, including rebuilding the marketing team, defining new metrics, delivering true 1:1 propositions and creating an open brand dialog.
Explore the driving shifts in technology and behaviour
Understand what the new rules of engagement what they mean for the future of your organisation.
Building a Bank for Gen-Y and Digital Natives
Moven is a revolutionary new bank that launched to much acclaim in 2012. This is the story of how near-banks like Moven, Simple, GoBank and others are revolutionizing retail banking on multiple fronts. Brett King tells the story of why Moven decided on a card-less, paper-less, transparent model of banking and how CREDScore, Gamification and the real-time feedback loop is going to change the way we think about banking. If players like Moven achieve what they are aiming for, it will change the way people think about banking forever.
Brett will share his journey from conception to creation of Moven What organisations can learn from the Moven story
Why selling a checking account may kill your retail bank in the next 5 years
Why Gen-Y don’t write checks, don’t visit branches and don’t trust banks