Robert Vincin

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Robert Vincin leads, teaches, lectures and speaks on Climate Change and growing soil soil-carbon, food, fodder, forestry, in deserts around the globe.

He also speaks on the PRC lowering 8 billion tonnes CO2e reversing 200,000,000 hectares of desert to production soil food fodder and in time as soil grows forestry.

1995-99 serving as branch secretary to Hon John Howard showing him how to win greens and election and, writing Green Corp Direct action for Tony Abbott (Adelaide Review June 95). The UN USG 96-99 invited Robert to join the UNCTAD panel that became the UNFCCC Kyoto Protocol. 95-98 consultant KPMG global.
2005 PRC government appointed Robert Vincin as Foreign Expert to advise 7 Ministers 9 Governors and lecture to Science Law Forestry Agriculture Universities on mass lowering CO2e desert poverty reversal.

Chair Emission Trading Association Australia Ltd.
Vice President UNAA
Director R Vincin and Sons Engineers P/L
Adviser KPMG Climate Change solutions
Adviser Deutsche Bank Australia Emission Trading
Chairman Yass River Valley re-vegetation Programme
Chairman Green Australia WRFA
Director Water Research Foundation Australia
Electoral Branch secretary Hon John Howard
Representative UNCTAD UNFCCC 96-01
Invited Foreign Expert Guest PRC 05-
Professor lecturer PRC Forestry etc Universities across PRC
Adviser to PRC CBEX stock exchange carbon accounting
Adviser PRC NRDC Financial advice Carbon accounting
Adviser PRC SME Rural industry land water reparation
Adviser PRC Institute of Management Science desert reversal
*UN USG invited me 96-99 to join the panel that prepared science Kyoto Protocol. Member Earth Council. Travelled the globe to meetings side toured to desert/poverty regions.
*Vincin; Former Branch Secretary to Hon John Howard 96-98!
*Wrote Direct Action for Tony Abbott (Adelaide Review June 96) he PM 2013-
*1995 Paper There was no River Murray Darling Workshop ANU Canberra Preserve water courses
*1997-2000 KPMG consultant attending Global Offices sitting on Earth Council panel prepare COP3
*2000 Paper tabled UNFCCC COP6 “The Missing Sink” detailed 2-4% of Earths vegetation was and must again be such sink CO2 (Condon/Vincin) Tabled by Hon Robert Hill. Article 3.4 Known as Australian clause
*2005-Invited Foreign Expert PRC Central Government advising 7 Ministers, 9 Governors, teach Law, Science, Agriculture, Forestry at Peking et al Universities. Leading in field physical growing soil soil-carbon food fodder forestry funded by UNFCCC CO3 offset trading to UNFCCC 100year rule! PRC
*2008 JV UNDP PRC Forestry Plant out C4 CO2 over 9 Provinces & by 2020 lower8Bn T CO2 pa.
*Recipient Genghis Kahn Peace medal 2008 teaching growing soil roof of the world.
*October 2016 Invited by Global Energy Award Foundation to submit to 2017 award!
*Invited UNCCD 2017 Land for Life Award
*Invited UNFCCC Moment of Change Awards