Ahna de Vena

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Ahna de Vena addresses the global epidemic of sleeplessness, helping people all over the world to sleep well naturally.

Working with businesses, government agencies and individuals, she tackles the universal problem of sleep deprivation and the debilitating effects it has on health, productivity and relationships.

Ahna has an extensive background in natural therapies and has presented to many thousands of people across a career spanning 16 years. Her unique approach taps into our innate ability to sleep well and transforms lives fundamentally and permanently.

In a census conducted by Sealy, 70 % of Australians admitted that their professional productivity is negatively impacted due to feeling tired from lack of sleep. There are very few sources of real help for those struggling with sleep. According to an economic report commissioned by The Sleep Health Foundation, this issue costs Australia five billion dollars annually in lost productivity. An increasing number of organisations are waking up to the fact that without proper sleep it is impossible to perform optimally. Put simply, when teams and individuals are over-stressed and exhausted, they can’t be effective or enjoy the richness of life.

This is where Ahna makes a difference. Her captivating presentations provide an inspiring balance of theory and technique, which empowers her audience to create permanent change. Attendees leave with easy to use skills they can use immediately to reduce stress, improve sleep and enhance productivity.

Ahna was fantastic. She pitched the presentation perfectly, very relaxed and informative, with a good balance of theory and practical examples that could be taken away. She related it to the person and to business and it was done in a completely non-threatening way. We received very positive feedback and would love to have her back next year.

Sarah Holmes Manager, Nelson Tasman Business Trust

I attended one of Ahna’s workshops recently and found it truly life changing. The additional energy I have as a result is great. Ahna presented to all of my staff and they all commented on the positive impact its had on their health and productivity.

Mark Borg Principal of MBA Financial Strategists

Your workshop was excellent and helped make the conference a great success— clearly engaging attendees and sending them away thinking about how to apply your valuable concepts to their personal lives.

Professor Robert Nordlinger Chairman at The Executive Connection (TEC)

Our staff found Ahna’s seminar helpful and enjoyable. They liked her presentation style, her soothing voice (I’ve never seen so many comments about a facilitator’s voice on feedback forms), and how she incorporated both physical and emotional aspects of stress management and sleep improvement. She taught some very practical tools that have had a lasting effect.

Erika Halsegger Human Resources Adviser, Nelson City Council