Amanda Gore

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More than 20 years ago, Amanda Gore launched her speaking career by talking about connections that count, leading with the heart, motivating with laughter, and bringing out the best in people. With today’s mergers and cross-cultural workplaces, Amanda stresses the importance of creating joyful corporate communities that bring people together productively and profitably.

Her thoughtful and intelligent assessment of what it takes to lead, coach, and inspire corporate teams to outstanding results in a range of businesses from healthcare to technology, finance to real estate, energy to hospitality, and insurance to retail has distinguished her as one of the world’s most sought-after experts in her field.

Author of four books and numerous videos, Amanda has a degree in Physical Therapy, a major in Psychology, and expertise in physical therapy, group dynamics, neurolinguistics, and occupational health. She has worked in corporations, colleges, hospitals, and private practice and has often been interviewed on radio and TV on her areas of expertise.

Amanda blends these areas of expertise to connect body, mind and spirit to show people how to become more effective professionally and personally and to rediscover joy at work and in life.

“Audiences who heard Amanda more than two years ago still talk about her and use principles from her presentation.” – 20 Year Independent Meeting Planner and Corporate Consultant to Sonic Corporation