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“On average, 3,000 people lose their life to suicide each year in Australia. That’s two-and-a-half times more than the national road toll. Around 2,400 of them are men and almost 80% of them never seek medical help for the illness that costs them their life.

Knowledge is important and action is key, because prevention is possible”.

Anthony Hart


When suicide survivor, Anthony Hart, tells his story it’s like a sucker-punch to the senses that stays with you long after you leave the room. With a no nonsense, gloves off approach, Anthony takes you behind closed doors to the journey to and from suicide, how he drastically turned his life around to help others save theirs, and how you can to.

Anthony speaks candidly about mental health, the signs to look for and his practical, no-nonsense tools to instantly confront and manage debilitating mental health illness.  

He captivates, informs and empowers groups all over Australia on a topic that hits hard and is necessary to be heard.

“Preventing suicide is possible”

Anthony Hart





Prevention is possible


– How to get blokes to treat health issues of the mind in the same way that they would a broken arm or leg.

– Follow four steps to better mind health in a simple, easy to understand way that will change how you confront, manage and overcome your health challenges.



Spot the Signs,

Start a Conversation



– How to spot the signs if a mate is considering suicide.

– How to approach, start a conversation and help save someone’s life.


Behind Closed Doors.

The Secrets of Suicide


How to spot “suicide is close” signs in a mate

– Why you should lobby hard when someone seeks help mentally

– How to stop Suicide, after you’ve uncovered an attempt or thought.



How to Kill Depression

Not You

How to simply, confidentially and by ‘stealth’ bounce back better and faster from the blues.
– Learn how to beat anxiety, depression or Suicidal thoughts, by someone who has thought, tried and recovered from all of them.


All topics include Anthony’s personal story. Talks range from 30-60mins and can be tailored to suit your group.


About Anthony Hart

A happily married, proud father-of-three and self-confessed golf and swimming fanatic, Anthony is a lot more than a suicide survivor. 18 years ago while staying in a hotel in Sydney, he walked off the top of a 21-storey building before a balcony awning seven-storeys below broke his fall. Miraculously, he survived. During his arduous rehabilitation, Anthony discovered four powerful principles to ensure it would never happen again.

Anthony has travelled extensively, lived and worked in the UK and worked alongside his father and brother to open twelve Petstock stores in Adelaide, South Australia since 2005.  

Anthony created the award winning LifeBACK Tracker app,  co-founded the Save Our Mates, Chew the Fat Nights initiative, and was a State Finalist in the Australian of the Year Awards, 2022.



Anthony’s high impact, deeply personal story cut through with our staff in a way that other no other speaker had been unable.  In the days following his presentation, there were many lunchroom conversations about mental health issues that we weren’t having before.

Neil Duggan - Operations Manager, DULUX

Anthony’s story is compelling and is delivered in a way that relates to everyday life experiences. He delivers an approach to mind and physical wellbeing that is unique and reaffirms what many of us struggle with in our day to day lives. The strength in Anthony’s presentation leaves no doubt that your decision to share his story will stay in the back of your mind of those who will hear it, as it has with me. Be assured if it cannot help you directly it will help someone you know or love and that is the best part of Anthony Hart’s story.

Jason Franken – President, Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association Australia

The address by Anthony was possibly the most interactive and popular we’ve ever had at the FBAA National Conference, and this tells us what brokers need right now. “Brokers don’t have large support networks, and let’s remember that many have spent the majority of 2019 worried about their futures.” Anthony is a passionate, highly engaging speaker sharing his incredibly powerful story, who possessed an innate ability to engage our audience. I’d personally recommend him.

Peter White AO - Managing Director (FBAA), Finance Brokers Association of Australia

Anthony’s powerful story was unforgettable. The mind health tips and tools he shares I like to explain his support for our people as ‘taking your mind to the gym’. The feedback from the Toyota team was overwhelmingly positive.

Trevor Greer - Senior Government & Business Fleet Manager, Toyota Australia

Anthony’s very frank, open and honest description of his “Mind” Health journey from the depths of despair to now educating people about how to improve “Mind Health” was inspiring. His message must be shared for the benefit of everyone in our society.

Peter Bray – Senior Manager, Road Service Delivery, RAA