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The facts are undeniable – yet as a nation, we are wearing a mask. Three million Australians are living with anxiety or depression. One in five women and one in eight men will experience depression in their lifetime.
Of those men, six out of eight will lose their life to suicide every day, on average more than doubling the national road toll. In the workplace, one in five employees will take time off due to mental health-related illness, costing Australian businesses approximately $10.9 billion per year – and this doesn’t fact in a loss of productivity while at work. (Lifeline Australia, 2018)

Whether we view mind health as a personal or professional problem, there is little doubt we are facing a collective crisis. Mind health is not only an issue negatively influencing the lives of our family and friends, but an issue that also highlights the need for a deep-seated cultural shift in communities and organisational cultures across the country. We must remove the masks of mental health in order to encourage the formation of new cultures built upon vulnerability, open communication and an ability to seek out support when needed.

Anthony is a passionate social entrepreneur, advocate for mind health and a man on a mission to shift the narrative around mind health in Australia. At the heart of his message ‘Mates Who Wear Masks’ is a desire to empower others with the tools to inspire and activate better conversations, connections and to build positive communities designed to remove the many masks of mind health. We all have a right to feel safe in seeking support and getting our lives back on track.

November 7th, 2003, after a short and private 6 month struggle with anxiety, unable to ask for help Anthony made a significant attempt on his life. A stroke of sheer luck saw him survive. While there is no denying the gruelling journey that lay ahead of him in order to find good health again, it was in this moment that Anthony’s life purpose emerged. There was hope and a new life began.

In a true act of resilience, Anthony transformed crises into a new opportunity. Harnessing a natural entrepreneurial flair, he developed the 4 Steps to Better Mind Health. As a result, he founded what is today known as the Lifeback Tracker. This award-winning mind health support program is designed to empower anyone confronted by a mind health challenge, with a simple but effective 4 Steps to Better Mind Health. When followed, it puts one in a better state of mind to confront and overcome significant life challenges.

Today, along with Anthony’s work as a social entrepreneur and mind health ambassador, he is also a success in business, having helped build an eight store PETstock franchise group, led by his brother and father within the major Australian pet retailer PETstock. This experience has given him valuable insights into what it takes to drive a profitable business that is built upon a foundation of high performance as a result of a organisational culture of nurturing healthy minds.

As a speaker, Anthony is a gregarious and relatable presenter who delivers the raw truth about mind health in Australia, yet does so in a manner that empowers the audience with the active tools to facilitate positive change in their own lives or the lives of others. His story inspires, activates and educates his audiences to join a new movement that nurtures positive support for those suffering from depression and anxiety. Today, Anthony is a sought after public speaker and active mind health advocate on issues related to mind health and wellbeing.


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