Billy Graham

Billy GrahamBilly Graham is New Zealand’s best-loved platform speaker and fitness advisor. He is bold, bouncy and brimming over with energy and enthusiasm. He has spent a lifetime involved in sport and physical fitness. A former New Zealand and Australasian light welterweight boxing champion, he has achieved international success through goal setting and determination and has turned common sense into an art form.
Billy Graham began life with few advantages. He would have been born on the wrong side of the tracks, if his mates hadn’t stolen the tracks first!
Billy’s is a story that romps from a nine year old boy selling discarded record albums from the local dump, to the Billy Graham of today, in demand all over the world as a unique motivator.

What people are saying about Billy Graham…

“Billy is stunning, we have used him many times and he has my complete support.  A highly charged motivator who emphasises fitness, health, and focus. Billy’s story reinforces that anyone can do anything if they set their sights high and get on with the job.  I would be surprised if you haven’t seen Billy somewhere, but if you haven’t, and are considering him, he is a good choice.” Stephen Collins, formerly Harcourts Real Estate, New Zealand