Dr Hayley North

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Dr Hayley North

Dr Hayley North is not your typical neuroscientist, her contagious enthusiasm, sense of humour, and ability to explain complex topics to non-scientists has engaged audiences around the world to implement positive and lasting change.

Dr North’s laboratory research and publications have uncovered how genes, molecules and cells in the brain impact mental health, which contributes to developing new treatments. Some of her ground-breaking discoveries demonstrate how inflammation impacts neurogenesis (the birth of new brain cells) and how this process can go astray in psychiatric disease.

Hayley takes a holistic approach to mental wellbeing and is passionate about synthesising the latest research from various scientific fields. In addition to her scientific endeavours, Dr North draws upon a broad range of experience and knowledge from travelling the world and being a competitive sailor. 

Current titles:

Founder – Understand Your Brain

Conjoint Lecturer – UNSW

Research Fellow – Neuroscience Research Australia

Education: PhD in Neuroscience/Psychiatry, Honours in Neurogenomics,

Bachelor of Science (Neuroscience major), Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing major). 

Dr. Hayley North’s expertise inneuroscience and wellbeing is exceptional.Her workshops were well-structured, andthe interactive exercises were informativeand practical. Dr. North’s Q&A session was ahighlight of the program, providing a safespace for everyone to ask questions andshare their experiences. Overall, Dr. North’sprogram was an impactful and valuableexperience, and I would highly recommendher to anyone looking to improve thewellbeing and productivity of their staffwithin any professional environment.

Darrell, Manager - PWC

Our team loved hearing about mental health and wellness from aliteral neuroscientist! What sets Dr Hayley North apart from therest is her ability to talk to the science behind why people mightbe feeling a certain way, and how to address it. She is an engagingand passionate speaker who clearly loves sharing her expertise. Intoday’s world, her sessions exploring burnout, stress, motivationand happiness have never been more important.

Hannah- Executive Director- NSW Department of Premier and CabinetDarrell

Hayley’s passion for what she does isunmatched. From the first email, to seeingher capture and hold an audience ofrestless university students – Hayley’skindness, professionalism, and genuine carefor our audience really is something special.Not only does she bring expert levelknowledge to her workshops, butexcitement and hope. Not often do you finda speaker who can help you to understandsome pretty hectic science, whilesimultaneously leaving you with a feelingthat “I can take on the world.

Steph, Head of Wellness –Arc@UNSW