Kevin Humphreys DSC

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Kevin Humphreys

Kevin Humphreys – ‘…spellbinding…’, ‘…uplifting…’, ‘…changes lives…’

Kevin Humphreys is an inspiring and transformative international keynote speaker, facilitator, author and helicopter pilot. He’s well-known for smashing stereotypes and transforming self-leadership.

Graduating top of his pilot’s course at just 21, Kevin went on to serve in the Army for 20 years flying Black Hawk and Chinook helicopters. He deployed on numerous overseas operations however, towards the peak of his career contemplated suicide and suffered a breakdown due to a cocktail of PTSD, anxiety, depression, alcohol abuse and a toxic culture; it wasn’t a war zone that tore him apart…

Kevin not only got back on his feet but also back in the air again, spending the next ten years as a Search and Rescue helicopter flight instructor, flight examiner, Chief Pilot and Director of Operations. Today his mission is to inspire businesses and the people within them to engage in Noble Self-Leadership.

He was recognized as the role model for the most recent Military Order of William recipient in the Netherlands (their oldest and highest honour). An exceptional leader, Kevin’s operational approach encouraged the Dutch Air Force to change their tactical response after witnessing his operational excellence.

He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his command and courageous leadership under fire in Afghanistan. Kevin is the Mental Health Ambassador for AIRBUS Australia Pacific, a contributor to international media and regular podcast guest.

He was also recognised as a 2023 community Citizen of the Year for his impact as a mental health advocate and founder of COR INFINITUS which gives dignity and respect to the families of those who’ve served their nation and taken their own lives.