Matt Runnalls

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Matt Runnalls over the last several years has worked tirelessly as a mental health advocate, creating awareness, acceptance and education. Having lived with mental illness, surviving suicide attempts & having lost several friends to suicide dating back to the age of 12. Matt utilises his knowledge of lived experiences to encourage others to feel comfortable to speak up and manage their wellbeing just as he continues to do.

As a full time tradesman in 2016, Matt delivered talks to over 5000 various listeners amongst sporting clubs, schools and community groups. Matt now dedicates his career as a full time advocate, being the voice for not only young Australians, but all over the world, now having been Guest Speaker in over 15+ states around the World in 3 different countries.

Currently in 2018 since being full-time in advocacy, Matt has delivered in excess of 100+ talks, workshops and events across Australia, Canada & America, featuring his story and journey in books, documentaries, songs, podcasts, television and throughout most big Australian media outlets.

Matt’s passion and drive is spurred on by the loss of 6 mates to suicide. His reason for Mindfull Aus was simple “I just want to teach people what I wish I had of known growing up, I know if I had of been this knowledgable about Mental Health & Suicide now I could of potentially still be able to share laughs and memories with those mates I’ve lost. I know personally my life would of been a lot different and now I have that opportunity to ensure the next generation doesn’t walk into the unknown like I did”.

“It’s important that people recognise and take away from my journey that the internal feeling of guilt, shame & being a burden was just that, it wasn’t real , it was an unbearable emotional pain, a fog that disabled me in seeing things any differently.
I am very fortunate, that I have ALWAYS had the support, love and care that every kid wishes of his family.”

Matt’s rediscovery of the hope visible in others’ kindness enabled him to find strength within which has enabled him to find his passion & purpose and have them align at 26.
Matt was able to connect with both family and the supports in a way that only someone who has been that close to the edge and at rock bottom can really understand. Matt wants to use Mindfull Aus as a platform to instill that same connection and positive impact on as many people possible.


The truth is, It’s a battle not easily won. It will take change, determination, understanding but most importantly acceptance. But you aren’t alone, I’ve spent many years at war with myself. I’m doing it, I’m managing it and so can YOU. So, I’m here to tell you, if there is a fight worth winning this is it, you are loved, you are worthwhile and your presence here is important. – #BeHereTomorrow- because you are unique and we love that. Let go of fear, let life strengthen you. You will be great again” — Matt Runnalls

Where to begin. Matt Runnalls is a personal hero of mine. He’s also one of my greatest friends. Matt gives his
absolute all in everything he does professionally, mentally, spiritually, and mindfully. He’s given a lot to me
personally, and has helped fuel a drive to thrive in me like none other. He’s the founder and creator of Mindfull Aus,
all about being mindful of those with a mind full. Matt’s passion and dedication to giving back is otherwise un
charted. This young man goes above and beyond in every aspect of his life, existence, and through his passion to
change not only the lives of great Australians, but those who follow him around the globe. His work ethic is
impeccable, and his drive to help people find hope is absolutely breathtakingly powerful. I highly recommend Matt
for your gala, school, or event. His message will change the lives of every single attendee you have.

Kevin Hines Award Winning Public Speaker, Advocate, Filmmaker, Author