Matt Runnalls

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CEO – Mindfull Australia (Health Promotion Charity)

Multi Award Winning Mental Health Advocate

Global Storyteller & Motivational Speaker

“Nothing is impossible when your “why” is compelling enough”

“The difference between how much we say we care and how much we show it, is the difference this world aches for”

Over the past six years, Matt Runnalls has worked tirelessly as a mental health advocate to create awareness, acceptance, and education. Having lived with a mental illness, surviving suicide attempts, and losing several friends to suicide, Matt utilizes his knowledge of lived experience to encourage others to feel comfortable to speak up and manage their well-being just as he continues to do.

Since devoting himself to advocacy full-time, Matt has delivered over 300 speeches & keynotes, workshops, and events across Australia, Canada, and America. His story and journey have been featured in books, documentaries, songs, podcasts, films and throughout most big Australian media outlets. Some of these include – The Huffington Post, Global Award winning Documentary of the Year- Suicide the Ripple Effect, The Herald Sun and featured in a parliament from MP Melina Bath in 2019. Most recently, Matt’s work was recognized as he was awarded an Australia Day Medallion in January 2018, The Victorian Leadership & Innovation Award Finalist and a 2020 ABC Heywire Trailblazer.

Matt’s passion and drive is propelled by the loss of six close friends to suicide. “I just want to teach people what I wish I would have known growing up. I know if I would have been this knowledgeable not only about mental health & suicide prevention, but about equipping myself with strategies and disciplines for well-being, I could have potentially still been able to share laughs and memories with those mates I’ve lost. I know personally that my life would have been a lot different, and now I have the opportunity to ensure that the next generation doesn’t walk in the unknown like I did.”

His rediscovery of the hope visible in others’ kindness enabled Matt to find strength within himself, which has thus enabled him to find his passion and purpose and pursue them wholeheartedly at the age of 24 when he created Mindfull Aus. Matt is trained in NLP, Meditation Practitioner, Sciences of wellbeing,  Emotional Intelligence and 300+ hours of Quantum Learning as Alumni at California State University.

Matt now spends his life in dedication the loss of his mates to suicide, combined with the thought that saved his life in 2012 – that of having kids one day, which has lead Matt to become a trained facilitator at the Worlds #1 Supercamp for young kids – ( where he spends a combined 22 days a year working with young champions to improve self esteem, equip them with accelerated development techniques, a greater understanding for emotional intelligence and relationships.

Matt has facilitated right across the world for some of the worlds largest Mind & Behavioural organisations, conferences and bodies. Matt has also been a student of programs and workshops from leading experts in the field of mind and behavioural health including – Wim Hof, Tony Robbins, Jordan Peterson, Brene Brown, Heather Yelland and Kevin Hines.

Matt is committed to using his voice and experiences as a platform to instill acceptance, purpose, and


2018 Australia Day Medallion Recipient

2019 Regional Victoria Leadership & Innovation Award

2020 ABC Trailblazer Recipient

2020 Saward Dawson Social Impact Award Finalist

2020 AMHF Best Mens Lived Experience Speaker Finalist

2020 AMHF Vic Mens Health Award Top 3 hope.

The truth is, It’s a battle not easily won. It will take change, determination, understanding but most importantly acceptance. But you aren’t alone, I’ve spent many years at war with myself. I’m doing it, I’m managing it and so can YOU. So, I’m here to tell you, if there is a fight worth winning this is it, you are loved, you are worthwhile and your presence here is important. – #BeHereTomorrow- because you are unique and we love that. Let go of fear, let life strengthen you. You will be great again” — Matt Runnalls


Where to begin. Matt Runnalls is a personal hero of mine. He’s also one of my greatest friends. Matt gives his
absolute all in everything he does professionally, mentally, spiritually, and mindfully. He’s given a lot to me
personally, and has helped fuel a drive to thrive in me like none other. He’s the founder and creator of Mindfull Aus,
all about being mindful of those with a mind full. Matt’s passion and dedication to giving back is otherwise un
charted. This young man goes above and beyond in every aspect of his life, existence, and through his passion to
change not only the lives of great Australians, but those who follow him around the globe. His work ethic is
impeccable, and his drive to help people find hope is absolutely breathtakingly powerful. I highly recommend Matt
for your gala, school, or event. His message will change the lives of every single attendee you have.

Kevin Hines Award Winning Public Speaker, Advocate, Filmmaker, Author