Michelle Williams

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Michelle Williams

Dr Michelle Williams
BSc (Physiology), MBA, MDR, M Clin Tox, JD, PhD

Dr. Michelle Williams, an expert in toxicology and pathology, is a dynamic keynote speaker known for her development of cutting-edge analytical methods. These investigations paved the way for the detection of the previously undetectable Novel Psychoactive Substances, increased efficiency of traditional drug testing and supported medicinal cannabis trials.

With extensive experience training pathology collectors and delivering informative sessions to executives, union representatives, and workers across industries and government sectors, Dr. Williams shares her knowledge on the effects of drugs and alcohol testing procedures, Australian standards for drug testing, and policy development. Dr. Williams is well-versed in navigating the complex regulatory frameworks of the pathology and toxicology industries, with expertise in legislation, national accreditation requirements, and Medicare guidelines.

Equipped with a Ph.D. in Toxicology and legal qualifications, Dr. Williams offers expert interpretation of oral fluid, urine, and hair drug tests, and guidance on medication use in safety-sensitive environments. Reflecting on her experience working with private companies, sporting organisations and government agencies including in child protection and juvenile justice, corrections and parole, defence, and health, Dr. Williams delivers impactful, tailored keynote presentations that help guide you in the best ways to manage drug and alcohol testing regimes in your company or organisation.

Previous speaking engagements include:
• May 2022 NSW Child Protection Legal Conference: – Drug testing analysis and Interpretation.
• October 2022 NSW Law society Conference – Panel member – Substance Misuse & Abuse, Impact reduction strategies for family environments
• March 2023 Clarence River & Coffs Harbour regional Law Society Annual Conference – Drugs in Parenting matters.