Peter Evans

Peter EvansRe-engaging with the joys of your job role
Peter Evans is an engaging presenter and a passionate change agent in work-life balance for over a decade. He empowers his listeners to determine priorities and seek fulfilment at home and in the workplace.
His vision is to empower workplaces to create sustainable priorities and passionate employees. By doing this, organisations can leverage helpful strategies which maximise change and empower high functioning, balanced and creative members to thrive in a balanced life.
Our jobs are often joyful and privileged professions to be in, a perspective that can easily be overlooked. Too often the compelling reasons why workers move into their industry – the passion to make a difference, creativity and raw enthusiasm – are forgotten as the rigours of work take their toll.
Peter Evans connects with people, re-engaging them with the joys of their role and empowering them to balance the demands of a wonderful, rewarding work life. He helps his audience to identify their priorities and goals and to structure fair and sustainable boundaries.
Peter doesn’t just speak about a balanced life, he lives it! Peter reflects on his ‘Year Without Sport’ and the corresponding blog which received over 30,000 hits and continues to connect with hundreds each week, long after the journey ended. He also hones in on the challenges of modern technology and how our relational connectedness can be disaffected.
His available modules include –

  • Re-engaging with your passions
  • Maintaining effective strategies for workload management
  • Priorities – what are they? No, really?!
  • Boundaries – all’s fair in love and work.
  • Something’s gotta give – what may need to go and how it could revolutionise your life.

About the presentation
Peter unpacks the challenges and pressures of modern life – work, family and leisure – and what we can do to make space in our lives to enjoy all three. This is good news for employers as job satisfaction and longevity lead to improved organisational memory and lower staff turnover. This in turn leads to higher productivity and less time lost in stress leave, replacement costs and dealing with burnt out employees.
Insightful, dynamic and humorous, Peter employs a multi-modal approach to presentations, incorporating movie clips, narratives and engaging imagery. The approach is interactive and workshop based, empowering individuals to leave with clear steps to help them move forward, initiating cultural change and opening dialogue.
Peter will donate a percentage of his fee to UNOH – Urban Neighbours of Hope – website here – or a charity of your organisation’s choosing.
“Peter’s presentation was visual and his style very engaging, showing his expertise in the area of work life balance. He demonstrated thoroughness in preparation and diligence in delivering tailored content and we received very positive feedback from Peter’s sessions at our Education Future Forum from senior leaders and educators.
We would have no hesitation involving him in future events.”
Mark McCrindle, Principal, McCrindle Research
“Peter addressed the issues of passion, flexibility and interests outside of school and how work-life balance not just improves teacher retention in the profession but also directly impacts on a teacher’s emotional resilience and therefore on a student’s experience within the classroom.
His presentation style is dynamic and engaging. It’s a highly recommended presentation as we educational leaders wrestle with the topic not just of 21st century learners, but of the needs of the 21st century teaching professionals.”
Rik Malone, Head of Middle School,
Caulfield Grammar School

“Peter Evans offers a unique service to any industry that seeks to equip its people for the long haul. Peter is offering an important voice with a view to counteracting trends regarding professional care and vocational sustainability. Every industry and employment sector will benefit from his insight and professional expertise!
It was a pleasure and a privilege to have Peter Evans facilitate a work-life balance seminar with current content, tailored to our needs and challenging to the participants.”
Brenton Killeen, Director, Youth for Christ
Victoria and Tasmania