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In front of an audience my purpose is to provide a meaningful and truly memorable experience, so people leave thinking and talking about their most important asset: themselves! It’s thought provoking and laughter is a must to get those messages to stick. It’s not just a hyped up motivational thing — I’m there to give people real stuff to do and share with their friends and families.

My diverse experience working with people at all levels of business, cardiac patients, young offenders, elite athletes and, through my charity, remote island communities I have developed a communication style that genuinely connects with people to make a lasting positive difference in their lives. I’ve been speaking professionally for 20 years and was delighted to be one of only two Australians to receive the internationally recognized status of Certified Speaking Professional in 2012 (it’s pretty tough to get). Here is some of my story:


A good few years ago I completed my science degree at the University of NSW with majors in Human Anatomy and Physiology. During my university days I worked part time in the automotive spare parts industry. As well as paying the bills, it was a great opportunity to get an early taste of the business world. I must have been okay at that because when I finished my degree I was invited to manage the spare parts division of a luxury car dealership. That was a great experience for twelve months learning the essentials of customer service, sales and management.
Then I accepted a position in a biochemistry laboratory. Hmmm! It only took me a couple months to realise that I was more of a people person than a pipettes and electrophoresis type of guy.
I then joined a select group of twenty people to develop and implement the Wilderness Project. A unique wilderness based rehabilitation program for young offenders. Amongst other things I looked after health and fitness activities. That year was an extraordinary life changing challenge — a magic learning experience about people and life.
Then I moved back closer to my training to spend five years working in a non-hospital based cardiac rehabilitation program. An incredibly fulfilling opportunity to spend my days motivating people who had heart attacks, bypasses, diabetes and the like to get back on their feet and get the most out of their lives. It’s there that I learned that the really successful people in life are those who make steady sustained change — a theme of my seminars.
After writing the successful book ‘Better Blood Pressure’ I established a corporate health business. For sixteen years my team of up to a dozen staff traveled the country delivering health management programs for hundreds of organisations. It’s there I gained my passion for leading people to change from the platform as a professional speaker. In 2008 I sold that business to focused both on my speaking business and developing the Its Time Foundation.
That plus running the foundation, some environmental projects, a big vege garden, a few chooks, the good fortune of a wonderful wife and four kids — life’s full.
Helping business look after it’s most important asset – people!
From a conference organisers perspective, it’s a fantastic opportunity to add balance, freshness and a real people focus to your event. Completely relevant to every person in the audience — the tougher the agenda the better! And it sends a powerful “we care” signal.
“Live Well – It’s All About You” is a massively entertaining and inspirational kick start to the day or wake ‘em up after lunch on any conference agenda.
“Live Well to Sell Well” injects energy, balance and a “you people really matter” feel to sales conferences.
“Setting Goals That Really Matter” is a workshop that leaves people with a clear step by step process to embed their personal goals.
And it all works a treat on leadership programs where it’s crucial they get themselves right to be their best in leading others.
What does the flight attendant say?
Yeah! We all know the answer: “When the oxygen mask falls from the roof we must put it on ourselves before we can help others!”
Here’s an hour or two for your people to focus on looking after themselves first. They will leave motivated to act on a swag of small things that will make a real difference in their lives. It’s a fun but serious step toward them being more balanced and feeling their best when looking after clients, peers, staff and family.
They will laugh during it, think long about and change because of it. Great for them! Great for business!
Is there more you can do to help your people be their best?
High performance business depends on balanced high performance people – yes? In the pace of modern business it’s easy to forget that people’s well-being is the essential ingredient for living the life they want. Effectiveness, personally and professionally, depends largely on our well-being, attitude and how we feel. It’s a prerequisite for sustained high performance.
A fun yet strong initiative that gives your people a high value time-out to freshen up, get balanced and increase their energy levels — especially when the pressure is on.
Rob will help your people:
Understand that before looking after others – it’s critical that they look after themselves
Identify the “easy stuff” that will help them live the life they want to live
Recognise important things they have been putting off and why they do it
Appreciate that small sustained investments of time is the key to increased effectiveness
Utilise a strategy for immediate and sustainable goal setting
Take away a range of practical tips and materials to enhance their health and well-being
And no need to take notes — everyone gets a laminated handout with heaps of tips, links and homework (yes homework!) to do what’s necessary to enjoy the quality of life they expect.
Thousands now have more energy, are more switched on, less stressed, balanced, improved relationships, fitter, leaner, have less back pain and more than a few have detected conditions with life saving results.
But but but …
This IS NOT a ‘get lean, get fit, don’t smoke’ lecture!! While health provides many of the examples it’s about the motivation, decision making and tools for sustained positive change: be that health, relationships, work, parenting, environment, making a difference … What is important to you? AND it’s about doing the easy stuff that’s within reach of all of us. Picking the low hanging fruit can deliver serious long-term benefits in all aspects of our lives. Sure it’s motivating, but it’s not fluff! People leave with real doable actions to immediately enhance the quality of their lives.
They will “get it!” that investing in our financial well-being is certainly wise, but investing time and astute decisions in ourselves, physically and mentally, will deliver vastly greater returns than their superannuation policy — and they will be around in good condition to enjoy the financial rewards of their life’s hard work.
Rob has diverse experience working with people at all levels of business, cardiac patients, young offenders, elite athletes and remote island communities. In doing so has developed a communication style that genuinely connects with people to make a lasting positive difference in their lives. It’s thought provoking and laughter is guaranteed. Audiences love it and talk about it for ages.
Rob has 20 years experience as a professional speaker and is awarded status of Certified Speaking Professional. He owned and managed, for 15 years, a leading corporate health company. He is the author of Better Blood Pressure. Rob also established Its Time Foundation to create education opportunities for kids on remote Pacific Islands by replacing diesel power in schools with solar.

Brilliant and inspiring, you can’t help but take notice. He blew them away. A must have speaker at any conference.

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The team loved him and his message and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wants to let their staff know that they are valued!

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The most useful information session I’ve been to in 12 years.

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Just brilliant. Very thought provoking. The David Suzuki ‘do your homework’ anecdote will stay with me forever. Thanks Rob.

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