Tony Fahkry

Tony FahkryTony Fahkry Founder of The Power to Navigate Life program, Tony is a leading holistic health, selfempowerment & inspirational speaker. He brings over twelve years’ experience at the highest level as a professional speaker, author and coach. His understanding and integration of mind and body concepts bridges the gap between health, well-being and human behaviour.
Tony’s works with a number of leading business people to include: CEO’s, senior executives and management teams. He has a solid understanding and interest in nutrition, lifestyle wellbeing, self-empowerment, mental resilience and mindfulness.
His program, The Power to Navigate Life is presented to corporate companies across Australia. The program teaches participants how to achieve continued mental, emotional and physical well-being using his easy to follow principles.
The book, The Power to Navigate Life, released in 2014 encompasses the principles espoused in the program. It attracted international attention with Dr. Eldon Taylor, New York Times Bestselling author writing the foreword. Australia’s leading sports neuroscientist, Dr. Roy Sugarman has endorsed the book.
Tony has worked with Bupa Australia to present The Power to Navigate Life seminars in Melbourne and Sydney to key stakeholders. He has worked with The Heart Foundation of Australia to present mindfulness seminars to their key stakeholders.
Tony is a regular contributor to Bupa’s online magazine, BeWell. He has published articles for UltraFit magazine and Women’s Health & Fitness. He collaborates with established online personal growth websites as a leading contributor.
He has achieved the highest authorship of Platinum Author for online, with over two hundred and fifty articles. Tony is the leading author in health and selfempowerment for lifestyle related websites to include: Thought Catalog, Starts at Sixty, OnMogul, LinkedIn Pulse and more.
In his other duties, he is the head of Core Conditioning for Triathlon Victoria’s coaching program.
Tony has written two Books on health & wellbeing and self-development which are recognised by leading international authority figures. His most recent book, Reconstructing The Past To Create A Remarkable Future is endorsed by Law of Attraction expert and star of The Secret film, Dr. Joe Vitale via the book’s foreword.


“Your highly informative Wellness Program offers a very practical and simple ways to bring my busy life – in and out of the office – back to a state of calm. I had no idea how weight gain was linked to stress!” — Helen Camp, Head of Faculty, Swinburne University
“Tony’s presentations attract interest from our participants. His delivery and enthusiasm is evident, given the praise he receives from participants. He engages them thoughtfully and deliberately and this is why he is well received. His passion is conveyed through his presentations, since he is one of the few presenters who takes the time to listen and engage with the audience. I highly recommend him to any organisation looking for an articulate and engaging speaker.” — Ryan Mannix, Course Facilitator Triathlon Victoria
“The advice from your seminar replayed in my mind for days and was easy to integrate into my working day. The solutions Tony offered were practical and highly relevant to myself and my colleagues. Most impressive, and great to feel in control of my energy levels again!” — Steve Nye, Growth Sector Leader – Water MWH Global
“Tony is a first-rate speaker who captures his audience’s attention and guides them through the exploration of ideas. He delivers his messages with unparalleled class, which made a difference to my personal and professional life. He creates a lasting awareness of my intrinsic talents, which has helped fuel my personal growth.” — Anindya Ghosh, Sr Manager, Client Services FSI at Infosys Australia
“Tony’s presentation was excellent. His workshop called on his immense personal experiences on the importance of mindfulness in working life. Tony’s modesty were critical factors as a compelling speaker. He delivered key points with poise and sought to emphasise certain messages with distinction. Tony was spot on with his approach to empower his audience with mental and emotional resilience.” — Salam Nader, Marketing Executive — Australian Acquisition Corp


1. The Power to Navigate Life
For those who feel like they are not going anywhere in life, this program encourages purpose, passion, enthusiasm and most importantly, meaning. The program is a comprehensive guide for removing self-imposed limitations and the inner critic that says: “I’m not good enough,” “I’m not talented,” or “I’m too old.” Participants learn how to create lasting mental, emotional and physical well-being by connecting with theircore identity by attending to their inner landscape. As within, so without. Health and wellbeing becomes an extension of one’s inner domain. The Power to Navigate Life reminds you that you are not the product of your past. It opens your awareness to infinite possibilities by revealing your potential; your talents, skills, and passion. The program presents two concepts Navigate Life and Parked, allowing the participant to discover that there are no mistakes in life; simply the exchange of energy from form to another. Those who Navigate Life remain inspired, enthusiastic and filled with passion and purpose. They provide meaning to life by defining who they are and what they stand for. Those who are Parked remain stagnant, stuck, trapped and powerless. They remain victim to distorted thinking and find challenge in navigating their way out of this isolated state. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. These are merely conditions that one experiences at certain moments of one’s life. This self-help book encourages the reader to identify areas of their life that are disempowering by taking decisive action. This is revealed via a set of blueprints and principles that guide the reader to move from a Parked state to a Navigating state. It’s a Self-Help program because that’s where change starts – with the self, no one else. The program is well-researched with hundreds of face to face interview and seminars spanning the last ten years, yielding many positive outcomes.
2. Live With Purpose and Meaning
Many people believe that to give meaning to life requires a pilgrimage to a desolate part of the world, working with indigenous tribes and being of service. While I do not discount the value of this selfless work, the truth is that we can give meaning to our life through our own power to define what is important to us. You already have the power to create meaning and purpose in your life, not so much in what you do, but in what it means to you and the meaning you attach to it. What you do does not create the meaning—it is the meaning you assign to what you do that is important. This workshop guides participants to discover purpose and meaning in their life. We identify how to find meaning and purpose in everyday life; whether through work, family, friends, relationships or otherwise. It is the meaning we attach to what we do or who we are that defines the quality of our life.
3. Dealing With Stress And Its Many Faces
What is stress? We hear so much in the media about how stressed we are, that one invariably believes the news. In this seminar, we explore the fundamental principles governing stress.
How much stress can we deal with? Are our bodies equipped to deal with stress? How can you change and empower yourself with the necessary tools to avoid falling into stressful
situations? We teach knowledge and awareness so that the individual has a variety of coping strategies and mechanisms in place to face such situations in life.
4. Peak Performance At Work
Managers and company leaders are always talking about KPI’s, performance, creativity and productivity within the workplace. It seems that they want more from their employees. How can one be expected to perform at their best when they are unhealthy, unmotivated and lacking energy? All employees are athletes and if we apply this methodology to the workplace, we identify ways in which to create peak states of performance.This keynote identifies the key mental, emotional and physical barriers that prevent people performing at their best. We work through fundamental principles that teach participants how to improve their overall performance at work while attending to their mental, emotional and physical well-being. The approach is vested in minor improvements that one can implement immediately to foster peak performance.