Tony Rafferty

Tony RaffertyTony Rafferty is Australia’s best known and highest achieving distance runner.┬áIn 1972, Tony Rafferty became the first man to run from Melbourne to Sydney, pioneering ultra-distance running in Australia and breaking many records.
Tony was the first man in 1973 to run across the Australian continent from Fremantle to Surfers Paradise (5931 km). First man to run from Perth to Brisbane, Perth to Adelaide, Adelaide to Brisbane, Melbourne to Brisbane and Sydney to Brisbane.
In 1975 Tony ran for 50 hours non-stop, creating a world record and in 1978 was the first man to run from Melbourne to Sydney and return.
In 1979 he was the first to do what was thought impossible to run through Death Valley in California, the hottest place on earth. Road temperatures soared to more than 70 deg. Celsius.

Topics Include:

  • Fit For Life
  • Goal Setting
  • Self-Motivation
  • The Will to Win
  • All of Tony’s presentations contain humour, motivation and simple techniques.
  • Tony is also an excellent MC or facilitator for big audiences or small no matter what the function.