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Anni Finsterer

Anni Finsterer is the author of “Radical Rock and Roll Resilience,” and is a dynamic
AFI award-winning actor, having performed for many years in film, television, and
theatre. In her earlier life, Anni survived two serious car accidents, a time where she
was weighed down under immense physical and psychological duress. Her story is
one of courage, persistence, and self-belief. And his was just the start. In recent years
Anni’s focus has been on developing the road map to go from broken to bounce to get
through her own trials, upheavals and down-right cataclysm’s. Anni is quite simply,
an inspiration.

Her speaking career began when she recounted her story of survival in conversation
with Michael Peschardt (BBC) on ABC radio. Since then Anni has been delivering
key notes and making known the mental tools that enabled her to bounce back and
thrive. Her greatest personal achievement has been to overcome negativity and
adversity with a determination to move forward with a vision to engage with the
possibility’s life has to offer.

From Anni: “When I think about my work as a Speaker and Coach, the most common
questions I’m asked are: can you talk more about the strategies you used to go from
broken to bounce? OR: can you talk about how to get over self-doubt to feeling joy; to
feeling both ease-full and confident? OR: can you talk about how I can let go of fear
and shame so I can add value? So I can contribute confidently.

Yes. Yes I can. I know about the road back to joy. I know ease and confidence too. I
know how to do the nourishing self-talk and the shadow work that reawakens our
aliveness. And I’m giving what I know to you. It took practice, persistence, dedication
and many hours of self help and paid education to finally start to reap the rewards.
But it was worth it. I unlocked the strategies needed to walk the talk of Resilience and
subsequently have developed the tools I share right here in my book and
accompanying workbook. Right now, I’m going to share with you the first steps you
need to get you on the road to feeling awesome. Simple strategies and reflective
practices to transform your actions into the manifestations of your desires. Because
Rockstar Resilience is an internal energy, focused on where you are in the here and
now, and on achieving progress today, no matter how small the steps. The key is to
sail through – (connected to heart and breath) with ease. Yesterday has gone.
Tomorrow is a plan. Here and now is all that matters.

Anni’s ABC interview: Tips and Tricks of surviving tough times with Michael
Peschardt of “Peschardt’s People” (BBC) for the ABC’s Conversations with Richard

“When she was involved in an horrific car accident at seventeen, Anni’s dream of an
acting career seemed to some an impossibility. Another accident, even more
physically devastating, was to come and she has since endured more than 23
operations including skin grafts and facial reconstruction. Anni has defied the odds to
work steadily as an actor over several decades and was awarded an AFI for her role in
tele-movie Three Acts of Murder.”

Anni Finsterer recently spoke at our early Monday morning sales team meeting. An engaging and entertaining speaker, Anni spoke about her own somewhat extraordinary experiences with building resilience in a lasting and galvanising way. It is obviously a subject Anni is passionate about sharing so as to enable others to draw on their own strengths to overcome negativity, stress and lethargy. This dose of great story telling along with positive psychology to inspire new thinking was uplifting for our sales team and will certainly be remembered. She comes highly recommended for inspiration and motivation.

Martin Gould - Toshiba

Anni came to present at the Black Dog Institute to a packed room full of people who weren’t quite sure what to expect. I asked Anni Iinc to demonstrate what they do as we spend a lot of time in the corporate culture giving presentations on understanding mood disorders and
how to improve mental health and resilience. I felt that perhaps what Anni Inc does, could compliment what we do. They demonstrated 3 small act plays about a woman who was suffering depression and anxiety who was up for review by a new boss 10 years her junior.
It was simply fantastic and everyone was genuinely enthralled. You can only do so much with a Power Point – with Anni Inc’s insights, understanding coupled with extraordinary theatrical abilities; the message was sent home loud and clear. The story was also nicely
resolved. The presentation was wrapped up with Anni’s own incredible story of overcoming adversity, which I think should be the next Australian Story on the ABC. If you are looking for a way to lift staff moral, get some pointy understanding underway or shift a particular cultural dynamic I would thoroughly recommend Anni Finsterer.

Matthew Johnstone Creative Director Black Dog Institute

There are few people who can talk about not only one accident but two, one of them fatal, and the enormous physical injuries which resulted while inspiring individuals to take charge of their lives, even in the most challenging of circumstances. Equally, there are few people who have overcome physical and psychological obstacles, who then go on to achieve an independent and mainstream stage career and are awarded an Australian Film Institute Award. Anni recounts a story both moving and inspiring. The Bonus Days: From a most dynamic and outstanding speaker.

Practice Manager Annie Fitzpatrick, Peter Murphy & Associates – Solicitors