Baron Grant

Baron GrantBaron Grant is an outstanding and relatable Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Trainer and Coach, and delivers keynote presentations and training sessions across Australia and Overseas.
Baron’s easy going, yet motivational training style draws the audience in to his message, leaving a deep impression, allowing personal introspection. He has been referred to as the ‘Excuse Breaker’, helping his audience recognise that they are in the driver’s seat – they have control of the direction of their lives.  He has the rare ability to empower people to see that they have the capacity to achieve whatever they want. They are left with the impression to not wait and watch life go by, but instead – go out and get it!
Baron is a regular guy who has had some significant, real life challenges that everybody can relate to.  His life went from charmed to challenged, and he shares what he learned in the process. Instead of admitting defeat as his new business suffered, his wife became deathly ill and his ability to provide for his family of 5 children became extremely strained, Baron learnt, and now shares how to dig deeper, exploring what actually makes life worth living.
Participants leave Baron’s sessions inspired to make massive change and achieve their dreams, regardless of what challenges they may be facing. Along with being inspired to do and be better, they leave with practical tools they can implement daily to ensure they not only dream about their goals, but actually go out and achieve them. They are inspired as well as empowered to go and take action.
In addition to his inspiring message of ‘acting in spite of life’s challenges’, Baron is an experienced trainer and facilitator, and frequently speaks on other topics such as:

  • Becoming a Master Salesman
  • Understanding and Developing Your Personal WHY
  • Resiliency
  • Going All In
  • The Art of Influence

Baron is also a Certified trainer for the TRACOM Group, with vast experience delivering the following programs:

  • Social Style and Versatility
  • Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency
  • Adaptive Mindset for Agility
  • Behavioural EQ

Baron was one of the most engaging speakers we have ever hired. His mastery of his content, and the sheer power in which he delivered it, was beyond amazing! The thousands in attendance at our annual convention were electrified as they were taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotion. We have never seen a corporate speaker move so many of people from 
belly-laughter to tears and back again with such skill. He 
exceeded our expectations at every turn. — Rober A. Mcfadden – Executive Vice President – Viridian