Cam Greenwood

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Cam Greenwood

Cam Greenwood is the Co-Founder (alongside his wife, Elise) and Chief Pioneer of Zorali – a business born from the spirit of adventure, a love for nature and a vision to see generations of people find harmony with nature, themselves and each other. With a big focus on wellness, Zorali uses the outdoor gear and apparel they create to inspire people to break free from the busy world and spend more time enjoying the outdoors.

Prior to launching Zorali, Cam was the Founder behind the wildly popular Monsta Surf brand. After starting the business in his parents backyard in 2012, at just 18 years of age, the brand received a tribe-like following with customers from over 40 countries. But after a legal opposition from a multinational corporation, Cam and his wife Elise were inspired to lead their Monsta Surf community on a journey towards something new in 2018. 

Together, Cam and Elise dreamed up Zorali, rallying their community to become part the change through an equity crowdfund raise. This disruptive campaign received widespread coverage as Zorali become the fastest company in Australia to reach their minimum target and just the 5th company to reach their maximum target in a ECF campaign, raising $300,000 to 550 investors. 

Since launching, Zorali has quickly gained a strong following within the Australian marketplace with a unique approach to the outdoor landscape – where they see nature not as a proving ground to be attacked, but simply as a playground to be enjoyed and protected. This love for nature is seen throughout the brands messaging, regular meet-ups and sustainable approach to business, where Zorali plants 10 trees for each product they sell, as well as using organic and recycled materials across their ranges.

Cam’s pioneering spirit has attracted an abundance of attention with the young entrepreneur being featured on various platforms and media outlets such as Channel 9 News, Channel 7’s Destination Happiness, The Collective Hub, the cover of Business State Magazine as well as being featured in SmartCompany’s 2018 ‘Smart30 Under 30’.

Cam’s ability to challenge his audience to expand their thinking has led him to become one of Australia’s most in demand speakers under the age of 30, speaking across country in many different forums. 

Ultimately, Cam’s goal is to inspire people to believe that all things are possible when you actively engage in a life driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear, as he provides key insights into the path of possibility and success.



Cam Greenwood is a truly inspirational speaker whose personal story and approach to liferesonates with the youth of today. Cam delivered an influential and inspirational 1 hour talk to Prince Alfred College students which captured their hearts and minds. Cam’s determination to follow his own dreams helped our boys understand the virtues and character qualities required to achieve goals in life, despite setbacks. Similarly, Cam’s generosity of spirit to those less fortunate in the world brought a global perspective to his talk and joined together his core values on business stewardship, sustainability and charity support. Cam’s principles and core values sit respectfully within any school setting and his love of life and adventure motivates us all to move forward and embrace each day. His well-designed balance of spoken word and well-crafted film making make the audience experience interactive and engaging. I would recommend Cam to any school which is searching for a genuine presenter whom through humility, grace and sincerity, can share his passion for life and his commitment to personal integrity.

Scott Parker, Year Level Coordinator, Prince Alfred College

At yLead we search high and low to find relevant and relatable speakers for young leaders across Australia. This year we were incredibly lucky to connect with Cam Greenwood! Cam is a young person doing incredible things. Through his authentic ‘surfy and down to earth’ approach he has a gift to deliver stories and help people to realise the importance of following passion! Thanks Cam for making us laugh, smile and feel something through your presentation. Can’t wait to have you back again!

Belinda Yorston, YLead Australia