Dr Jason Fox

Dr Jason Fox is an award winning speaker, business game-stormer and an idea-liberating academic rogue. Having completed a PhD, authored two books and lectured at three universities (all by the age of 25), Jason now shares his cutting edge research in motivation science and game design with forward thinking leaders who want to boost productivity, influence behaviour and make clever happen.
As Jason says: Iā€™m obsessed with the structures that work to inspire blissful productivity, and the urgent optimism needed to implement and progress great ideas.
It all started for me whilst undertaking my doctoral research in motivation science. Whilst raiding the Ivory Tower for ideas, I became frustrated by the warped motivational folklore most people accept as fact. “Just believe, set SMART goals, and you will achieve” and all of that cult-of-success crap. At the same time I became fascinated by the motivational design elements of video games ā€“ how the structures of games can motivate players to persist through what is often frustrating and challenging work.
But the academics harrumphed ā€“ they wouldn’t have a bar of it.
So, after having levelled up in record time with a PhD in motivation science, I sneaked back out of the Ivory Tower to show forward-thinking leaders how to use motivation science and game design to influence behaviour and drive progress at work.
This work has seen me speak in many countries and work on motivation strategy and change leadership with some of the most senior executives of multinational companies. I’ve also helped savvy leaders implement no-tech gameful design to shift the motivational dynamics of teams and get projects moving. And I’ve mentored some of the brightest emerging thought leaders on the planet.