Graeme Alford

Graeme AlfordGraeme Alford was an extremely successful lawyer in the 1970’s who totally lost his way as his alcoholic addiction took over. His fall from grace was as quick as it was stunning and he found himself in jail not once but three times, the last being for armed robbery. He had reached a point in his life where the choice was simple. Give Up or Get Up!
Since his release in 1986, Graeme has:
Worked as a labourer in a scrap metal yard
Completed the Frankston to Melbourne Marathon in 1989
Re-married and happily settled back into the community
Helped raise in excess of $250,000 for Life Education and sat on their Board of Directors for 5 years.
And has written three bestselling books “Never GiveUp”, “Inspirational Brainfood,” & “Stop Sucking on Lemons”
Over the past 25 years presented to thousands of organisations all over the world.
Since 1990 he has headed up his own business which has brought out to Australia many international business authorities including Tom Peters and Stephen Covey the author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. In 1997 Graeme brought to fruition what many thought was the impossible, the inaugural World Masters of Business. In excess of 16,000 Australians heard for the first time ever General Schwarzkopf with Lee Iacocca. In 1999 he was responsible for the first ever visit to Australia by Mikhail Gorbachev the former President of Russia and in the year 2000 was responsible for Nelson Mandela and Rubin Hurricane Carter’s visit to Melbourne.
Graeme featured on Channel 2’s Australian Story where he was referred to as the Comeback King.
Graeme is in recovery from his addiction to alcohol and has been abstinent for over 30 years. He attributes his recovery from alcoholism to his permanent connection to the 12 step model of recovery and his acquiring of the tools needed to rebuild his life.