Grahak CunninghamIt was 2007 and day six of the longest certified foot race in the world
Founded in 1997 to exemplify the endless possibilities of the human spirit, the Self- Transcendence 3100 Mile Race is held every year on a concrete footpath around an 883 metre block in Queens, New York. It is the world’s longest and most grueling foot race. To complete the distance runners run from 6:00 a.m. to midnight, for 51 days, to run a minimum of 60 miles a day (96.6km). This involves circumnavigating the block 5649 times. Over the duration of the race they wear out fifteen pairs of shoes, and their feet swell an extra two sizes. In a typical New York summer, temperatures can reach 40 degrees centigrade with 85% humidity. Competitors must develop skills of determination, perseverance and focus to contend with boredom, fatigue, torrential deluges, extreme pain, injuries and sleep deprivation—but most of all, they have to deal with themselves.
Grahak Cunningham is a four time competitor and 2012 champion of the 3100-Mile Race. The four races are undoubtedly the most difficult things he has done yet they are the most rewarding. It is possible to go beyond our perceived limits—if we dare to try. His first race as a rookie took him 50 days. His 2012 victory saw him take a week off his initial time finishing in 43 days and averaging 115 kilometres a day.
Incorporating 14 years industry experience in sales and marketing in the medical industry, join leading speaker and performance specialist, four time finisher and current reigning 3100 mile champion: Grahak Cunningham as he inspires and teaches you ways to achieve your goals in life, business or sport.

  • Gain leadership confidence and hurdle difficulties
  • Improve productivity and fulfillment
  • Push yourself beyond your limits in your personal and business environments

Topics – Keynote presentations or Half Day Training Seminars


  • “Transcending Your Best: Get to Your Goals and Go Beyond Them.”
  • “Maintaining Positivity in the Work Place: How to Win in Today’s Busy World.”
  • “Mental toughness: Stay On Top of Your Game.”
  • “Leadership: Driving Cultural Change.”
  • “Mental Health: Wellbeing and Stress Management in the Workplace.”
  • “Resilience: Keeping Momentum After Setbacks”
  • “Risk and Safety: When Dynamic Becomes Frantic”

“Grahak’s presentation was first class and he was an inspiration to all attendees. The subject matter covered personal and business goals and he is to be
highly commended.” Corporate Membership Director The Western Australian Business Club
“Grahak’s talk on long distance running gave our staff an insight into the way that people drive themselves to achieve difficult goals and push themselves well beyond what they may perceive as limitations. He also made it obvious that a real sense of humour is a necessary aspect of the process. Our staff particularly enjoyed the opportunity to gain such an insight, to be entertained in the way it was presented and to understand how they could apply such dedication to their own lives.” Greg Gaunt Managing Partner Lavan Legal
“We engaged Grahak to present his keynote presentation at our Running and Fitness Festival in 2011. It was extremely well received by both staff and athletes alike. His story is quite amazing and he presents in such a down-to-earth manner that it leaves the audience feeling that they too can accomplish incredible goals. Highly recommended.” Kishore Cunningham Operations Manager
Melbourne Running and Fitness Festival

“Grahak’s talk was inspiring, funny and in many ways life changing. I don’t think I have ever met anyone with so much courage, determination and focus. Nowadays, we all seem to live in a state of distraction. It’s hard to focus on any one thing for a long time. But Grahak just kept on running until he conquered that enormous distance of 5,000km – further than the distance from Perth to Sydney. Everyone who listened to his story was in awe of his achievement and came away with renewed energy to take on life’s challenges.”
Dr V. Bennett Knowledge and Information Manager Bennett and Co Commercial Law
“I highly recommend Grahak as a motivational speaker. He was keen and prompt is his replies. He came prepared with a great presentation and video footage that was well received by the audience. Grahak is a humble, approachable and engaging person who inspires others to achieve their goals they previously may have thought impossible. His messages are valuable and inspirational to runners and non runners alike.” Kate Somerville AUS IMM Minerals Institute Board Member/Women in Resources Champion 2011
“Grahak presented his story in a very constructive form and with a clear sense of inspiration. Everyone appreciated his well received presentation answering many questions from the audience. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a motivational speaker as he can inspire runners and non-runners equally with his sense of dedication and focus that we can adapt for our own goals.” Dr Farah Adeeb Manager Regional Air Strategies Department of Environment and Conservation, WA.