John Davey

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Something extraordinary happened when John Davey turned 55.

His legs fell off, and half his arms went missing.

John will be the first to admit that, up until then, he hadn’t lived an exceptional life. But, as it turns out, John is an exception.

In the days, or weeks, leading up to his birthday, John crossed paths with meningococcal disease. It didn’t kill him. But, while in a coma, busy not dying, John also contracted septicaemia. It was the septicaemia that caused John to lose both his legs and his hands.

From a medically induced coma, heart attack, kidney failure, eight months in various hospitals, enduring numerous medical proceedings and various infections, ‘lost weekends’ in drug induced psychosis, and then arduous rehabilitation, 2018 was not his best year.

Or was it?*

Three years on, John is now a disability advocate, public speaker and an ambassador for ‘Social Health Australia’ sharing his lived experience overcoming adversity.

Spend some time with John as he shares with you:

RESILIENCE – It can be as simple as ATTITUDE – and that fork in the road

Sweat the small stuff – [proportionately] – you never know, one day your legs may drop off!

AMPATHY – new word, old concept – ‘walk a mile in my lack of shoes’

CONNECTION – It’s all about ‘the village’ and how that village has been lost

And more!

*No, it wasn’t

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John was one of the most impressive, inspiring and motivational presenters that I have ever had the privilege to hear. John shared his remarkable experience in a way that engaged all who heard it. John’s message of resilience, choosing your mindset and ampathy are ones that will resonate with me for the rest of my life. John is quite simply a remarkable man who uplifts all who have an opportunity to get to know him.

Holly Buckle, Deptartment of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

[The students] greatly appreciated the opportunity to spend time hearing about your experiences. I have both been really pleased with the insights and reflections the students have had around disability and our role as health professionals – the subject has definitely had the impact that we were hoping for and challenge their thoughts and ideas.
College of Science, Health & Engineering, La Trobe University

You share an inspiring message. It has been easy to wallow in negative thoughts during these Covid years but you have a great perspective.
Australian Communications & Media Authority

What a terrific message. John’s insights into getting out of the doldrums actually help me getting out of the Covid doldrums.
ABC listener