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Katrina Webb is recognised and acknowledged for her unique athleticism and outstanding success as a Paralympic athlete.

When Katrina was 18, on a netball scholarship at the Australian Institute of Sport, she discovered that a weakness on her right side was a mild case of Cerebral Palsy. Something she had known since birth, but because she was not sure what it was and it is not obvious, she found it easier to hide.

With the discovery of her CP, Katrina realized that she was eligible to compete at the Paralympic Games. A difficult decision to make, Katrina decided to tackle her disability head on and take on the challengeAt her first Paralympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, Katrina won a Gold Medal in the 100m and 200m sprint and a Silver medal in the Long Jump. At the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games Katrina had the honour of being the first torchbearer to enter the Olympic Stadium for the opening ceremony and went on to win Silver in the 100m and 400m sprint and a Bronze Medal in the 200m sprint.

At the Athens Paralympics Games in 2004, Katrina won another Gold medal for the 400m sprint and set a new Paralympic Record. Katrina’s success on the track has made her one of Australia’s top performing Paralympic athletes.

Now one of Katrina’s biggest rewards in her life has been to learn how to overcome her disability, love her uniqueness and celebrate her difference. With her natural positive attitude, a love for new challenges and excellent people skills, off the track Katrina is the Director of her own business Silver 2 Gold High Performance Solutions. As a qualified physiotherapist and a person that knows how to achieve gold medal results more than once, her business specializes in ‘Turning Silver to Gold’ and improving the performance and health of organizations, teams and individuals.

Katrina’s success as an athlete and as a business woman has been recognised internationally, when she was one of four athletes selected from around the world to present at the closing ceremony of the United Nations International Year of Sport and Physical Education in New York in 2006. She was also named one of three International Paralympic Committee Ambassadors at the London Paralympic Games 2012.

Achievements-­ Athletic

  • 1994 All Australian Netball Squad 17 & under
  • 1995 Australian Institute of Sport Netball Scholarship
  • 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games: Gold 100m, Gold 200m, Silver Long Jump
  • 1998 World Championships: Silver 400m, Silver 100m & Gold Javelin & WR
  • 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games: Silver 400m, Silver 100m and Bronze 200m
  • 2002 World Athletic Championships: Silver 100m and Silver 400m
  • 2004 World record for the 200m T38 class
  • 2004 Athens Paralympic Games: Gold 400m and Paralympic Record
  • 2004 South Australian Sports Institute Female Athlete of the Year
  • 2005 AIS Athletics Scholarship Canberra
  • 2006 SILVER 100m Melbourne Commonwealth Games 
Achievements-­ Personal and Business
  • 1996 Awarded OAM for services to sport
  • 1999 Queen’s Trust Achiever Award
  • 1999 -­ 2007 Board Member South Australian Women’s Trust
  • 2000 First torchbearer to enter Olympic stadium, Sydney Paralympic Games Opening 
  • 2000 Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of SA
  • 2001 SA Youth Showcase Awards-­‐ Young Person of the Year Award
  • 2003 Awarded the Centenary Medal
  • 2004 Nominee for the SA Greatest Sports Stars Ever
  • 2004 SA National Speaker’s Association John Nevin Rising Star Award
  • 2005 Walked the Kokoda Track PNG
  • 2006 Presented on behalf of the IPC to the United Nations in New York at the closing 
ceremony of the International Year of Sport and Physical Education.
  • 2004 – 2010: Sports Challenge Foundation Committee
  • 2004 2007: Worked as the SA National Development Officer for the Australian Paralympic 
  • 2005 – 2009: Adelaide Thunderbirds Number 1 ticket holder
  • 2007 – 2011: Member of the Athletics Australia Athlete Commission
  • 2007 – 2011: Co-­‐host SA Sports Show 44 Adelaide TV
  • 2005 – Now: Adelaide Crows Foundation Board
  • 2007 – Now: Blue Earth Champion
  • 2007 – Now: Minda Inc. Ambassador
  • 2007 – 2012 AIM Business Ambassador-­‐ Women in Management
  • 2008 – Now: Premier’s Be Active Challenge Ambassador
  • 2009 – Now: Board member for Premier’s Council for Women SA
  • 2010 – Now: Trailblazer Ambassador
  • 2010 Presented to over 25,000 Prudential Insurance Agents in 10 different cities in 
  • 2012 International Paralympic Committee Ambassador London Paralympic Games.

Katrina Webb OAM
Katrina Webb OAM may well be recognised for her unique athleticism and outstanding success as a Gold, Silver and Bronze winning three times Paralympic athlete, but it is her success off the track as a professional speaker and high performance consultant that has seen her requested by corporate clients worldwide to help improve the performance of their people.

Speaking Services
Katrina Webb OAM is a unique and inspiring speaker who will motivate and challenge your audience. Delivering more than 500 presentations to over 100,000 people across five different countries, Katrina is arguably one of Australia’s most highly regarded professional speakers.
Through thorough research, a tailored approach and innovative delivery, a presentation by Katrina will enable your audience to connect with your message and look to apply it to their own situation, helping you to meet the key objectives of your workshop, meeting or conference.

Topic 1: ‘Running on No Matter What!’ -­‐ Overcoming obstacles and making it happen.
This motivational and inspiring session focuses on taking responsibility, having a positive mind set and staying motivated when dealing with change and obstacles.

Topic 2: Turning Silver to Gold -­‐ Creating a winning performance
Focus on the three key areas of 1.Sustaining optimal energy levels in the workplace 2. Increasing productivity and effectiveness of individuals and teams, and 3. The power of the mind, overcoming obstacles and learning from the minds of elite athletes, this proactive and informative session will help you discover strategies to create a gold performance time and time again.

Topic 3: Creating a Positive and Healthy Team
This informative session focuses on providing tools and strategies for achieving healthy and peak performing teams to deliver organisational outcomes.

Topic 4: Living Balance
To be truly successful, we need to learn the skill of juggling our career, family and personal well-­‐ being. This proactive and interactive session will provide strategies to increase energy and efficiency levels without burning the candle at both ends!

Topic 5: It’s great to be different -­‐ Love your uniqueness and celebrate it!
An inspiring and memorable session for senior and junior school students that provides unique strategies to optimise performance and opportunities at school and beyond.

Hosting and Emceeing
Katrina is also available to host/emcee your next event or conference.

Silver2Gold High Performance Solutions
Established in May 2000 by Katrina Webb, Silver2Gold specialises in working with orgainisations, individuals and teams to achieve high performance outcomes. Bringing the best of sports psychology and business together, organisations are transformed through well researched, high quality and tailored solutions designed to meet their diverse needs.
Our clients range from International Blue Chip companies such as ING and Prudential through to some of South Australias forward thinking Local Councils, Schools and SME’s who all share the common belief in the potential of their people.

Services include
Organisational performance review -­‐ Includes individual leadership and team effectiveness audit.

Tailored high performance solution -­‐ For organisations to strive for a ‘gold’ performance and to get the best out of their people, Silver 2 Gold focuses on three key areas:
1. Sustaining optimal energy levels in the workplace.
2. Increasing productivity and effectiveness of individuals and teams.
3. The power of the mind -­‐ overcoming obstacles and learning from the minds of elite Athletes.

Additional Services

Team Building Days
Silver2Gold High Performance Solutions works in conjunction with “Healthy Teams” to design and tailor team building activities to meet organisational needs. Our team development methodology involves providing experiential learning activities that highlight existing attitudes and behaviours which effect team performance.

Corporate Health and Wellbeing Program – “Living Balance”
The Living Balance program is a holistic approach to changing the long term health habits of participants, resulting in more energy, reduced stress and a measurable lowering of Health Age. The program includes pre and post health testing and life balance profile, a seminar series supported by personalised coaching and all resources including a course workbook.

Customised Training Programs
Silver2Gold High Performance Solutions can design and deliver in-­‐house innovative training programs to suite your organisation’s needs. She has a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

Thank you for your time, your advice and your experience. I have gained so much simply from listening to your story and am excited about the way forward. I am looking toward a more focused, streamlined life where I can achieve all of my dreams, no matter what they are! Thank you for all that you have given me and please know that I consider myself extremely fortunate that your invitation to speak at this conference did not fit into the ‘no’ category!

Authorised Persons’ Association Conference

Katrina delivered inspiration to all those who attended the launch of Small Business Month 2009. Not only did Katrina relate her story to the key messages that the event aimed to deliver, but also provided the audience with several positive messages that they were able to relate to and implement both professionally and personally, especially in challenging times. Katrina is a true professional who is of great value to anyone wanting to inspire and motivate an audience.

Department of Trade & Economic Development

The absolute best presenter I went to. I didn’t lose interest at all. She captivated the audience. Valuable tips that I can actually complement in my personal and professional life. Wonderful. I loved it. Katrina is an amazing person. Inspirational, excellent speaker and presenter.

CPA Australia