Kylie Wright-Ford

Kylie Wright-Ford EntrepreneurKylie Wright-Ford is a Global C-Suite Executive, Moderator, Strategist, Entrepreneur, Futurist and co-author of The Leadership Mind Switch
A dynamic and persuasive speaker, Kylie draws on her life-changing moments, including tragic loss of her sister in her teens, to inspire her audiences to make bold decisions. She has lived and worked on three continents and led a successful corporate career which includes doubling the financial value of every company she has worked for as an; operator, strategist and board member. Most recently Kylie was the Chief Operating and Strategy Officer at World 50, a private company that builds C-suite communities, and previously spent seven years in leadership at the world’s largest expert network company, GLG. She is on the advisory board for Knock Inc, a creative agency based in Minneapolis, and the International ArtsGames Committee.
Kylie is a Goldman Sachs JBWere and Oxford Alum who grew up on a sheep and wheat farm in remote Australia. A leader, author, moderator and female role model, Kylie engages audiences on both a professional and personal level. She addresses big topics such as; making bold decisions, leading change, managing global teams and “living an exceptional life” using storytelling and an interactive presentation style. She has coauthored a book, The Leadership Mind Switch, which is about the new world of work in an era of lightning fast technology and demographic disruption.


Life is fleeting (and other clichés): Every day we make choices in our personal and professional lives. We make career, financial, family and health choices — sometimes they are good and sometimes bad. But many people don’t have a framework for making good decisions. They tumble from day to day, a prisoner to their devices and environment. Imagine if we made our choices as if we knew, or truly believed, that life could be fleeting. For Kylie, a life changing moment in her teens helped her realize that life is indeed fleeting and it definitively changed her path. She shares her experiences to give audiences the gumption to make choices that more greatly enrich their lives and careers — if they so choose.
Leading in the New World of Work: By 2020, leaders will need to act very differently than they do today. Demographic and technological changes are dramatically transforming the world of work yet change at the top is happening too slowly. Using experiences from her career and research from her recent book The Leadership Mind Switch, Kylie leads a thought-provoking workshop on accepting and thriving in change. Audiences will achieve a sense of urgency to adapt their leadership style to more effectively lead across generations and styles.