Liza Pavlakos

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Liza Pavlakos

Liza Pavlakos
Survivor, Entrepreneur & Keynote Speaker

A survivor, entrepreneur, and international keynote speaker a force globally recognised for her achievements and accolades.

As the 8th speaker in suicide prevention in the USA and a Golden Gavel Honouree, Liza has firmly established herself as one of the world’s top 10 female speakers.

At the young age of 23, Liza started a business with zero start-up capital. Her tenacity and vision drew in 4000 patrons to witness her Miss India International Event, marking the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey. She then went on to successfully take over a bar and restaurant called Mini Bar Piccolo, showcasing her business acumen.

As an entrepreneur, Liza’s endeavours have left a lasting impact. She built a successful tailoring business with five stores, serving prestigious clients like Australian Open, Grand Prix, Marriott Hotels, International A- list celebrities and designer brands.

In addition to her achievements as an entrepreneur, Liza serves as a brand ambassador and business advisor for Advanced Cosmetica, an Australian brand known for its vegan and natural products. Her passion lies in empowering people inside and out, inspiring them to bring out their inner glow.

Liza is also a trailblazer in the field of mental health. She founded Positive Breakthroughs, a groundbreaking mental health practice that collaborates with psychologists, counsellors, and coaches. Through Positive Breakthroughs, Liza’s vision extends to a membership platform that advertises therapists from around the globe, connecting people with valuable mental health resources.

Liza’s journey to success was not without profound challenges. From enduring childhood abuse to experiencing homelessness at just 16, surviving a life-threatening kidnapping, and overcoming the hardships of single parenthood due to an abusive partner, she defied the odds to become a self-made entrepreneur.

Through unwavering resilience and determination, Liza transformed her life, refusing to let her past define her. From the depths of poverty and despair, she emerged as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Her journey stands as a testament to the extraordinary power of the human spirit, proving that regardless of the adversities we face, we possess the capacity to rise above and thrive.

Today, Liza stands tall as an internationally renowned keynote speaker, captivating audiences worldwide with her poignant story of triumph. Her ability to forge deep connections with hearts and minds has positioned her as a powerful influencer in the realm of motivational speaking.

Her transformative impact extends to renowned Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, Lenovo, Just Eats,Qatar Airways and many others. These leading corporations have sought Liza’s guidance and expertise to cultivate motivation and drive within their organisations. Through her captivating speeches and profound insights, she fosters team building, propels performance, and ignites a profound sense of purpose and resilience.

In addition to speaking, Liza is preparing to release her upcoming book “Conviction“. Within its pages, she shares her personal and professional journey, imparting invaluable lessons and wisdom acquired along the way. Brace yourself to be inspired and uplifted as you embark on a transformative journey alongside Liza, unlocking your own limitless potential.

Liza’s life serves as a resounding testament to the extraordinary capabilities that reside within each of us. It is a powerful reminder that our past does not dictate our future, and that through resilience, determination, and unwavering self-belief, we can conquer any obstacle and create lives of purpose and fulfilment.

Prepare to be inspired and uplifted by the journey of Liza Pavlakos as she illuminates the path for others to follow, unlocking their own limitless potential. For your next corporate engagement, consider booking Liza Pavlakos and experience the impact of her story and insights firsthand.



Becoming by Overcoming

Staying Resilient and Thrive in Times of Uncertainty

Key Points

  1. Embracing Possibilities and Unearthing Hidden Opportunities
  2. Cultivating Growth in Challenging and Demanding Environments
  3. Triumphing Through Transformative Shifts
  4. The Everlasting Strength of Resolve and Persistence
  5. Inspiring Transformation through Acts of Goodness
  6. Trusting in Your Own Truth and Letting Go of Others’ Opinions

Educational, informative, and

inspiring a transformative experience for your team.


Harness the Power of Strategic Thinking

Achieve Extraordinary

Key Points

  1. Uncovering Strategies to Triumph in the Face of Adversity
  2. Cultivating a Mindset of Accountability and Excuse-Free Excellence
  3. Rediscover the Fire Within for Unparalleled Professional Success
  4. Developing Skills to Manage and Shape Factors You Control for Desired Outcomes
  5. Cultivating a Calm and Laser-Sharp Mindset for Effective Task Achievement
  6. Embracing Calculated Risks and Celebrating the Rewards of Success

Leadership, motivation, entrepreneurship, mental strength, health and wellness an unforgettable experience for your audience


Empower Your Team. Dream Big. Achieve More

Cultivate a Winning

Key Points

  1. Ignite Strategic Action with a Visionary Plan
  2. Setting Goals to Drive Success
  3. Inspiring Shared Brand Vision for Motivation and Influence
  4. Breaking Barriers, Maximising Productivity
  5. Nurturing Fresh Perspectives and Forward-Thinking
  6. Cultivate Leadership’s Transformative Trait of Forgiveness

Leadership, mental strength, corporate psychology, sales, audience engagement an inspirational journey for your organisation.


Liza’s presentation is insightful, actionable and authentic.

Coco-Cola Company

This was my favorite talk of the year! I was so captivated I could not even multi-task. I didnt want to miss a word!


Liza is an outstanding speaker. Her story inspires us to change for the betterment our families, our teams and our clients.

Zurich Insurance Group

Liza possesses the ability to deeply touch hearts, and upon hearing her story, our teams are motivated by her inspirational influence, driving them to embrace change and strengthen their resilience in times of personal difficulty.

Qatar Airways