Mark Visser

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Mark Visser
Mark Visser is Founder of The Elite Mindset Program, Big Wave Paddle-in Champion, Keynote Speaker and Author.

For the past 9 years Mark has been an influential coach to some of the worlds most successful individuals. Working with the likes of 11 x World Champion Kelly Slater, Olympic athletes, professional sporting teams, the Australian SAS and the USA Navy Seals. He has also been highly instrumental in the mindset development of CEO’s and global companies.

After many years of training, Mark Visser made history by surfing the notoriously dangerous 40-50ft waves at Jaws (Pe’ahi), Maui, in total darkness at night. Now globally known as Night Rider, this is a true world first achievement.

With passion and humility, Mark speaks from the heart about breathtaking events and realizing his dreams. Mark is a down to earth, natural speaker who is infectiously energetic and engaging.

By using his own experiences and challenges as an example, Mark’s presentation
covers how he accomplished his own goal and proved that the ‘impossible IS possible’. This presentation includes jaw dropping imagery and video content, inspiring his audiences to understand that any task can be achieved, with the right strategy.

While still actively pursuing his own career, Mark inspires others by sharing his story. Mark can be engaged as a keynote speaker for individuals, teams and organisations, giving them the drive to innovate, achieve and challenge their limits. Presentations can also be tailored to draw-out company ethos and key messages to assist in focusing on brand or club specific goals.

Presentation Overview

A brief history & Mark’s vision

How he got there

The dream – redirecting goals to align with strengths and passion

Mapping out the path, identifying obstacles and establishing a clear plan

Eliminating limiting beliefs

The team – how everyone’s role is crucial to success – united culture

Training and technology – preparing for the worst and planning for the best to ensure confidence and focus

Group interaction – Mark’s takes the audience into his world by allowing them to feel what its like to prepare for ‘’big wave surf training’’. This is a fun 20 second activity that is done at their table.

Teamwork – the importance of members staying true to their role, things still go wrong and how to follow through

The success – achieving a world first and realising that ‘impossible’ goals are possible

The next big thing,

Recap of the vision and the plan going forward

It is not often that you have the opportunity to test your boundaries at a Conference breakfast. Mark had the ability to capture everyone’s attention and keep us on the edge of our seats, the room was so quite as everyone listened intently. The content was spot on and I have gone back to thinking on his message each day since.

CBA / ACTA Conference

One of the best keynote speakers we have ever had.


I was really impressed, made the back of my hair stand up.

The Chia Co

An unexpected speaker, Mark’s story linked so well to what we aspire.

ANZ Bank

Personalised Experience

The new Elite Mindset program has been tailored to business professionals, corporate teams and individuals wanting to gain the edge in the moments that matter. This course encourages a team building experience based on the excitement of big wave surfing and underwater submersion for any skill level. This is a memorable experience that will have you motivated and excited for any challenge.s.