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Nigel started his first business at 20 and sold it at 21. He then built one of Australia’s
largest creative entertainment design companies within the Business Events Arena.
Nigel earned his MBA with high distinction at La Trobe University, where he recently
accepted an appointment as a casual lecturer and course developer.

Nigel has a passion for understanding why businesses and organisations are
successful. In 2013, armed with a video camera, Nigel set off on an initiative, solo on his
motorbike, to discover ingenious Australians and share their stories. As founder of
‘Ingenious Oz Project’ and author of ‘Game of Inches’ He travels Australia finding the
most ingenious business and professional success stories, takes out the key learnings
and presents them back to you and your team.

He is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAICD), the
International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a Golden Key International Honours Society
recipient. Nigel is past chair of Meetings and Events Australia (MEA).

He is the only speaker to be awarded outstanding contribution to Meetings and Events.
Show Director of Australia’s largest ever corporate event in 2005. He is a Certified
Professional Speaker (CSP), the highest accreditation Internationally. He is an alumnus
of the Disney Institute, a Ted-Xer, and author of three books, (with a fourth on the

Nigel works with organisations and their leaders to draw the best from their people by
shifting their mindsets and adopting a process of consistent small steps. His message is
simple. Sustainable growth is ‘Game of Inches’ and not a one-off explosive moment.
When not speaking, working with clients, writing or riding his motorcycle he spends his
time between Sydney and the rural mid-north coast of NSW with his family.

Nigel has been one of Australia’s top conference MCs for over 20 years, on stage and
virtually, due to his engaging style and ability to help get your message across. Part of his
uniqueness is tying together the experiences, themes and key messages with an
appropriate blend of facilitating, interviewing delivering a keynote address to open or
wrap up your event.

His impressive track record of working with some of the world’s top organisations,
combined with his business acumen and years of experience within the events sector,
makes him one of the most sought-after MC and facilitators in the country. He earned
his MBA with high distinction from La Trobe University and is now a casual lecture and
course designer at the La Trobe Business School.

He sees his role as three-fold:

1. To engage your people and get them into the right mindset.
2. To provide the right facilitative tools for your message to be heard and acted upon.
3. To guide and direct the process, so you get the results you need.
Nigel brings with him a long track record as an entrepreneur, board member and
advisor, so he speaks the language of business, innovation and leadership. His work has
taken him throughout Australia and around the globe.

Speaking Topics
Profitable Growth through Better Business Process
In a complex and competitive business environment, growth comes through ingenious solutions and disruptive ideas. The challenge for many businesses is putting in place the right processes and cultural mechanisms so that innovation and ideas not only thrive, but are fit-for-purpose.
This session will look at a range of solution-based frameworks, through a range of relevant case-studies, which can be implemented into your business to help drive profitable growth through better, more ingenious ideas.


  1. Learn 5 key cultural mechanisms to become a more ingenious organisation
  2. Discover the right process to keep ideas fit-for-purpose and direct them towards viable outcomes
  3. Learn to make innovation accessible to your people and tap into the gold vein of their ideas

Profitable Growth through Better Business Conversations
One conversation can spark an ingenious idea or new business opportunity. It is when we are open to new genuine conversations and new avenues of discussion that we discover new possibilities. The challenge though is having real conversations that cut through the surface clutter, go beyond the sales pitch and let go of fixed agendas.
Drawing upon conversations and stories discovered through the ‘Ingenious Oz Project’, this session will challenge you to have real conversations that lead to unique opportunities, ingenious ideas and profitable growth.

  1. Understand the importance of having real conversations
  2. Discover how to ignite real conversation within your teams and organisation
  3. Learn from first hand examples of Ingenious Australians

Profitable Growth through Better Business Ideas
Most people think ingenious ideas belong the creative few or innovative leviathans of industry. Many people don’t think they are very creative and don’t believe their ideas are of any value. Truth is, innovation belongs to everyone and brilliant ideas can be found on all levels of your organisation.
This session focuses on giving your people the tools, skills and confidence needed to consistently generate viable ideas that will make a difference to your customers and your business.

  1. Understand the value of everyday innovation
  2. Discover the blocks to innovative ideas and what to do about them
  3. Discover what it takes to bring viable ideas to life in your organisation

What can I say! both of your sessions were ABSOLUTE HITS at our Sales Conference! Your feedback and scores have been the highest we have EVER SEEN!

Ralph Parkhurst

Macquarie Telecom

Watching Nigel work is inspirational in itself. He can certainly make a difference to one’s business and certainly to the people attending any session that he is involved in.

Ruth Lilian

L&R Contract Business Services

I could spend hours with this man, ideas just spout from him. A lovely communicator, funny and oh so smart. Meet him and learn.

Richard Foulkes

Business Visits and Events Partnership