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Peter Thurin wants to help you DO something to change your life or your business for the better. He’ll teach you his trademarked concept of ‘easy to do, easy not to do’. He’ll demonstrate to you that by focusing on what matters, and starting with small steps, you can build the momentum you need to generate massive achievement.

PETER THURIN spent more than 20 years owning, building and selling successful
businesses but it was a simple phone call that led to an epiphany about life and what he wanted out of it.

Ever since he was a boy, Peter had wanted to be a black belt in martial arts. It was a dream, but an unfulfilled one. At 36 years of age, Peter made the decision to finally pursue that dream by making a simple phone call to his local Taekwondo school to arrange his first lesson. It was easy to do, but for 36 years it had also been easy not to do.

That was the epiphany.

Now a 3rd Dan Black Belt, Peter sees everything in life as a choice between ‘easy to do’ and ‘easy not to do’. Just like he did in pursuing his own dream, Peter now helps people focus on what they CAN DO rather than what they can’t. He helps people from all over the world with the inspiration, enthusiasm, and determination they need to rise to the challenge.

Peter’s story is not one of extraordinary achievement, but it is a story of achievement. It’s a story of what ordinary people can achieve when they focus on what matters to them and, starting with small steps, build the momentum they need to reach their goals.

As Peter says, “big-picture goals can be so daunting that often people don’t have the courage to get into the game. I say ‘It’s OK to feel awkward, it’s OK to feel uncomfortable, but don’t allow those feelings to prevent you from making a start. So, what’s the one thing you need to do to make a start? Let’s go and do that
together. Let’s get excited!’

Easy to do. Easy not to do. Your choice!®

Peter is a qualified pharmacist and, among his many quiet achievements, counts his wife Sharon and three grown-up kids as among his most meaningful. He lives in Melbourne, Australia and works globally.




Get in the game!


Good intentions will not get the job done. You actually have to ‘DO SOMETHING’ Big-picture goals can be so daunting that people often don’t have the courage to get into the game. It’s ok to feel awkward and it’s ok to feel uncomfortable, but don’t allow those feelings to prevent you from having the courage to get in the game. Learn how taking action is easy to do. Choose to get in the game! • Taking action breeds confidence and confidence breeds action • DO more. DO better. DO differently. • Figure out the one thing you can DO now to get started

Rise to the challenge!


The two things you ‘100% CONTROL’ are your effort and your attitude. Your attitude makes all the difference. A positive one can build you up, a negative one can take you down. Learn how taking control of your attitude and effort is easy to do. Choose to rise to the challenge! • Change your attitude • Change your performance • Change your impact

Be remarkable!


Small steps taken consistently over time lead to massive achievement. Being remarkable is the gradual result of always wanting to do better. It’s about being brilliant at the basics, making good choices and being committed to continual improvement. Adopt a mantra of purposeful, forward movement and learn how achieving success is easy to do. Choose to be remarkable! • Start with small, consistent steps • Learn the disciplines that maintain momentum • Discover why success is an ‘all the time’ thing



Do something!

Peter has the enthusiasm, determination and experience you need to help your organisation rise to the challenge and he’s so passionate about your success that he’s willing to work shoulder to shoulder to help you get there. If you are ready to DO something to change your business for the better but are not sure how then take the first small step and have a conversation with Peter. Peter can help make ‘easy to do’ a part of your business and coach your people on how to apply his simple philosophy to their everyday activities and goals. Every program is a mix of practical advice, personal motivation and ongoing accountability designed specifically to meet your needs and to work for your organisation. Do something to change your business for the better. Easy to do. Easy not to do. Your choice!®


Thank you for the fantastic program that you put together for our leadership forum.
Feedback from the sessions that you ran was absolutely tremendous. Both the content of the sessions and the mode of delivery was first rate and I have no doubt that the messages you conveyed really resonated with our team. I also really appreciate the time you took to understand our business and integrate these learnings into your sessions.

Paul Bassat

CEO, Seek

I can guarantee that Peter Thurin through his “blackbelt in excellence” programme will motivate your staff. He has brought together his experience from many years in the pharmacy business with his passion for taekwondo and combines this with the message you want to deliver, to build an action packed two hour session.’
‘In a refreshing linkage of physical and classroom style he demonstrates the power of positive attitude. Peter is a terrific storyteller, he delivers anecdotes from his personal experience in a most professional and amusing manner. The process he employs builds through several stages, culminating in an explosion of group energy unlike anything I have witnessed before.’
‘His message is simple and inescapably correct. Your most valuable resource is your people. Their most valuable possession is their relationships with your customers.’
‘A truly memorable session. We will be using him again.

General Manager, PPG Automotive Refinish Australia

Peter did a magnificent job at our recent sales and marketing conference in the Barossa Valley.
Most people probably think that keynote speakers have one stock standard presentation that conference organisers need to match to their theme. Well they don’t know what Peter Thurin does before he does his thing.
We drew great confidence from several interactions we had with Peter prior to his session. His presentation was at the end of an action packed three days and we were looking for Peter to pull all the themes we had threaded through the conference and weave them into an action plan.
His work ethic and determination to ensure he delivered exactly what we were looking for was magnificent, as was the product he delivered. Full of energy and humour, he nailed all our key messages and challenged everyone in the room to make the changes necessary for them to take our business forward.
The feedback from the delegates has been extremely positive. As someone who has previously been motivated by Peter to take those first steps to change my ways, I look forward to seeing the transformational change we are seeking in this business gather momentum over the next few weeks.

Director, Constellation Wines Australia