Raphaela Foxx

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Raphaela Foxx is a World Leader in encouraging people to find their authentic self. Italian born Raphaela takes a passionate and original approach to help you discover your authentic self.

*          One of Australia’s leading character stylists.
*          Interior designer
*          Artistic Director
*          Product inventor and packaging designer
*          Creator of children’s characters from concept to TV
*          Author
*          Songwriter
*          Speaking Coach
*          Confidence Coach
*          Creative Coach

With a tapestry in Relationship Building, communication, branding development, culture change, her self-awareness, self esteem, Her self empowerment teachings are transforming. For the past twenty five years years, Raphaela has introduced “the language of Empathy, Love and forgiveness.


The Wing Adjustment
Adjusting your wings for your destined flight.
“Your need for acceptance can make you invisible, risk being seen in all your glory”. Jim Carrey -“

Post Corporate Living Your Second Youth
What do I do now?
“ Confidence sits in a gold carved chair, right there in your soul, waiting for you, to ask it to dance” Raphaela.
Is there life after Corporate Life?
Your incentive to accumulate wealth is no longer necessary
You suddenly find yourself in a no mans land
Unsatisfied? Maybe you have lost your purpose or maybe you’ve never known your real one
You could be in a thriving and loving relationship or maybe at the end of a long marriage that may not serve either but glued together by obligation or even guilt
Soon you’ll begin to notice publications aimed at retirement, funeral adds are beginning to inspire you to make a Will and you wonder, what is it all about?
What happened to your passions? The things you always wanted to do, the things you were really good at but somehow pushed them aside for “ One Day Maybe”
“In the core of your spirit is a life you have ignored but it loves you too much to ignore you, let’s find it together.” – Raphaela
Raphaela takes you on a journey of encouragement to find your dormant and authentic heart in a gentle yet radical way. She believes we need to be bold and courageous to face the lions in our lives so we may truly be satisfied and fulfilled.

The “Encouragement” Programs
3 months private Encouragement program
2 week group Encouragement program
1 week including weekend private session
Through her topic ‘The Wing Adjustment ‘, Raphaela will encourage you to adjust your wings so you can fly to the place you once thought was impossible
Raphaela asks : How can you truly be of service with the gifts that have been given to you?

A Tremendous World Class Speaker
Dottie Walters

Legendary Publisher and Speaker, California

Raphaela’s impact on our people nationally has been extraordinary. One of the most powerful programs ever experienced.
Prudential Assurance

Raphaela’s work is brilliant!
Ferrero Australia

Raphaela’s ability to stimulate thought provoking ideas in all areas of communication is totally focused. The results are outstanding.
Cerabos Australia

Raphaela’s sense of style and class helped create a distinctive public image for our company.

North Broken Hill Peko Limited

I found Raphaela’s intrinsic knowledge of people’s motivational triggers and her approach to appealing to them, both refreshing and innovative.

Cyanamid Webster

Raphaela, what did you do? Our company is transformed.

Amrad Corporation

Raphaela’s passion, compassion and love has touched all of us. She is a diamond.

FMC Technology