Richard Bowles

Richard BowlesRichard Bowles is an expert in sustained commitment. He gets your team heading towards the same objective with motivated determination.
He empowers them with steadfast dedication in reaching vital long-term milestones.
Like you, sustained commitment expert Richard Bowles, knows that determination and dedication towards objectives are vital to reach long term milestones.
He’s seen how reaching these objectives have been defined numerous ways over the years. Is it exceptional skills and talent? Is it a positive mind set? Is it only meant for the chosen few and the star performers? Or is there a different story?
With experience in corporate sales, coaching, speaking and most importantly vast amounts of real-life achievements in gaining long term and sustained results; his view is radically different.
Richard appreciates and shares with listeners that long term commitment, dedication and driving results is not just for the elite few. Sustained commitment is needed for everybody, every day and is how we should live our lives.
Richard is referred to by the media as the Forrest Gump and Bear Gyrlls combination for his ability to persevere and tackle any extreme situation. Skilled in decision making under pressure and facing challenges head on, Richard shows what’s needed to move towards the end result while bringing out your commitment.
Known for his high energy, entertaining, but practical style; Richard’s fusion of real life extreme stories and controversial techniques connect him with his audience on an intimate, intense and individual level.
Richard has been a high performer in both corporate and retail sales. He is world renowned for running the world’s longest and most demanding rugged mountain trails and works with the best and brightest psychology professionals on the process of perseverance.
Published writer and soon to be  author of “No Shortcuts” a book on long term sustained success, Bowles’ penetrating conversations are shared around the world.
His claim to fame is running 13,000km+ across the world’s longest mountain trails,; an inspirational and motivating story in itself. However, running on blisters and infection, crossing raging and crocodile infested rivers, through avalanche and war zones while running up to 95km a day for months at a time, takes a whole lot more than desire to achieve a goal.
Planning that goal and working with a team to make it happen, discipline, determination and an emotional motive are all crucial to the positive end result.
Partner with Richard when you want to inspire and motivate your people towards achieving long term targets, when you’re looking for a strategy that has continual motivated momentum towards results.