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There are speakers who deliver information about a particular subject.There are speakers who share their inspiring stories and there are speakers who generate the OUTCOMES the client wants for their staff/delegates/guests.

This is what Robyn Moore does! She also changes peoples’ experience and appreciation of the work they do and gets them into ACTION and ‘back into their lives’ (at work and home) no matter what CHANGES, POLICIES or CIRCUMSTANCES are coming at them during these challenging times! Robyn Moore changes peoples’ attitudes, behaviours and their LIVES!

Question: Who are Robyn’s audiences?

Answer: Robyn has a proven record that she can and has spoken to virtually every type of audience in every sector in Australia. There are not many speakers in Australia that have the capacity to connect in this way.

Robyn is Australia’s most in-demand female speaker and has delivered over 1000 presentations.She has been changing people’s perception for over 40 years in Education, Advertising and the Communication/Entertainment Industry. As a Voice-Over Artist, 75% of audiences already know her work so she connects instantly! Every presentation is ‘tailored’ to the client’s BRIEF.

Robyn is not stuck with ONE story from her life. She has 1000s of stories to choose from and weaves them together in a’life-Altering’, experiential and highly entertaining presentation.The’Flow-On’EFFECTS from Robyn’s ‘tailored’ presentations are remarkable and her clients report noticeable shifts in staff culture, behaviours, engagement, work/home balance communication skills, long after her presentations.(See the testimonials on the OUTCOMES)
What OUTCOMES do you want your speaker to produce?

Robyn’s presentations are tailored to your Brief as well as being designed to: Re-ENGAGE your delegates/staff with their whole LIFE! Their Vocation/Job, Business, Purpose, Family, Relationships, Community Themselves!
Re-ALIGN delegates/staff with the Vision, Values and Goals of the company or their business.

Re-INVENT attitudes and behaviours attendees access personal responsibility and self-determination. The bi-products are Leadership, Integrity and Authenticity.
Re-GENERATE Passion, Energy, Productivity, Laughter and Work/Home balance.
Re-MIND your audience about what ‘really mattered before the circumstances changed everything!’ They get to experience Possibility, Optimism and Satisfaction again and the desire to pass this onto their staff, team, customers and their families.
Re-STORE confidence, hope and resilience in challenging times. Imagine these ‘outcomes’ for your delegates/staff/guests


‘Robyn has equipped us with tools to change the way we think. None of this ‘think positively and you can do anything stuff.’ Robyn has the ability to get to her audience’s souls. She showed us how we can empower ourselves to enjoy our work, deal with conflict and enhance our lives, both inside and outside work. The investment we made, in times of limited funding, has been the best value for money we could have wished for. The feedback from staff has been overwhelming. We expect this will positively accelerate the cultural change that our leadership team has initiated.‘Greg Eden CEO Port Lincoln Health Services

‘The response to Robyn’s presentation at our AMP Customer Service leadership day was rapturous Her authenticity, real life examples and ability to ‘get’ where the audience is at, makes her a high value speaker. She has a love of life that is highly infectious. She moved us, inspired us and entertained us. She was the most consistently highly rated presenter on our evaluation sheet’. Catriona Byrne AMP Communications Service Manager

‘You drew on an amazingly wide range of skills from the performing arts, including mime, mimicry, rhetoric and character acting, to engage and captivate your audience. ‘The Power of the Word’ was much more than a fascinating entertainment, it also carried a great, and obviously heartfelt, message that resonated with the theme of our conference and with the mood of the delegates. All delegates, local, interstate and overseas, were fulsome in their praise. Many, when asked to evaluate the contribution of the overseas speakers, wrote instead in praise of your work.’ Mick Sheehan (Conference Convener) Australian Secondary Principals Association Conference

‘Your presentation was superb. You have touched the lives of all who were present. Congratulations on a very professional approach “ it had everything from motivation, good humour and some excellent tips on enjoying and coping with everyday life. Port Augusta has changed forever. The enthusiasm and positive atmosphere is very noticeable and your simple and powerful messages will be remembered for a long time.’John Stephens City Manager Port Augusta Council

‘Entertaining, gripping, inspiring, enjoyable, very worthwhile and an honour to have you as part of my life for 2 hours. A moment that will last a life time!’ A delegate Real Estate Frachisees Training Session

‘Thank you so much for your wonderfully entertaining, funny and inspiring presentation at the Macquarie Bank Womens’ Cocktail Function we laughed and laughed, were reflective and had tears in our eyes, one after the other. It was an experience that touched us where it mattered, both lightening the load and raising our awareness of being ‘in life’. If this was a report card I would have to say ‘Highly recommended’!Julie Hasan (Division Director) Macquarie Bank

‘I just can’t get you off my mind you spoke from the heart and every word made sense! I felt as though I could personally achieve almost anything after hearing your inspirational talk. Your enthusiasm is contagious! My wish is that more and more people have the opportunity to hear you speak what a great world it would be if just a little spark rubbed off. Thanks a million for recharging my batteries.‘A participant from Tas Dept State Development Private Goes Public Breakfast

‘We would like to thank you for such an electrifying, energetic, and inspirational presentation. Your delivery and communication skills were absolutely fantastic! Rating: Excellent – I would recommend her to anyone!’ Franchisees Feedback: This was the most enjoyable, informative and compelling motivational session that I have ever attended. Robyn touched me both personally and professionally Robyn brought me back to reality, both in life and business Whoa! At 68 years of age I thought I had heard it all, but I really learnt that my life has just begun! Great! Fantastic, enlightening, eye-opening, powerful with great natural humour A wonderful experience and insight into our being and connections to ourselves and others An eye-opener to being in control of your attitude. Thank you so much for enriching not only my life but also those of my staff Sheer Brilliance, wonderful! Nothing like I have ever heard before Robyn was great, really brought back my enthusiasm for Real Estate and brought everything back into perspective. Kylie Walsh Elders Qld

‘Excellent!!!!! I believed that she would ‘start’ the convention with a ‘bang!’ I hadn’t expected ‘half a ton of dynamite!!’ She discussed with me the message I would like to impart to the audience and from that discussion, her ‘little note book’ and her ‘gleaning of information’ on the Friday night, she fulfilled all my wishes and then added the other 75% I am most grateful for what Robyn did for us.’ Mr Allen Fraser District Governor Lions District (201-N5)

‘Robyn Moore was simply amazing! People are still raving about her! An excellent choice and an excellent speaker. She was able to link parks and leisure into her presentation so effortlessly and effectively and her motivation, humour and passion were much appreciated by the audience. I couldn’t think of a better speaker to open our conference’. Parks and Leisure Australasian Conference


‘Excellent! 11 out of 10! Extraordinary!!!!Robyn has true potential to make motivational speakers redundant. She is marvelous at what she does. Robyn hit all the right notes with our audience. Highly recommended by Gerry, I nevertheless found it amazing how willing she was to spend so much time prior to the event trying to understand our company & our people. Not just your normal speaker she captivated every single delegate and then held them firmly (and willingly) in the palm of her hand for over 1 hour. She made our delegates laugh, cry, re-evaluate their lives, refocus on what’s important, and the best part is that she left a lasting impression on everyone. This alone is a remarkable difference between Robyn and other speakers – she actually achieved a CUT-THROUGH I never would have thought possible if I hadn’t experienced it first-hand. I am so glad we placed her as final speaker for the event as she just WOWED everyone.’Sam Alford Retail Food Group

‘Just a note to thank you for your contribution in making our National Conference such a huge success. Your closing presentation was superb in that it delivered the message in such a creative and entertaining manner that we had been attempting to relay all week. It really hit the mark with our franchisees. I am sure they all left with a clear message that will not only help their businesses but will have a huge impact on their personal lives. Rob Flower Director/National Franchise Manager Sportsco

‘I haven’t laughed so much in years. But more importantly, understood the importance of laughter. You had us captivated, teaching us life lessons. Lessons that applied to every day, to help us to focus on BEING. Being in control, responsible, the author of US and the impact that can have on those around us, our loved ones, our work mates, our clients. You showed me how to BE, which will change me forever. And as a natural consequence will impact the success of any future business.’ A delegate (Real Estate Principals’ PD Day)

‘Excellent. Robyn’s objective was to speak about altering the way we think and communicate with one another in order to ‘get the balance right’. Her valuable comments had everyone in the room questioning their own motivations in both life and business. Robyn left a great impression on our members as 49 people attended her value-added ‘impromptu’ workshop in the afternoon, which focused on personal relationships.’Independent Brands Australia Incentive (Fiji)

‘My little girl has the best Mum in the world. I can’t wait to get home and be that Mum again! It was a pleasure to meet you an even greater pleasure to tap into my worth as a person via your powerful, passionate and honest vision.’A delegate at a Sales Conference in Malaysia

‘Thank you for your ‘Extraordinary’ and captivating presentation on Communication and ‘living life’. You moved the room from tears to laughter and all were enthralled with your messages .we’ve never had a Total Rating of 5 before! (eg.’A skillful and most entertaining delivery. There is so much more to being alive other than debits and credits’. ‘Fantastic speaker as she was diverse in her presentation changing your emotions and thought path in a positive and invigorating way.’)Karen Price-Francke National Institute of Chartered Accountants Congress

‘Excellent! Robyn’s warmth and liveliness touched our guests. Her stories provoked thought and emotion and each person has taken away a memorable word, quote or intention to use in their lives. Her relevance to teachers and educators was significant as demonstrated by the number of guests who spoke with Robyn personally and enquired about her speaking at local school gatherings.’ Helen O’Sullivan Teaching Australia Canberra

‘Excellent! Robyn was fantastic. Her session summed up our theme of the many hats of leadership including the one necessary leadership hat – ‘audacious leadership’. Her session had us laughing and crying and added a depth that had us all thinking. A fabulous final speaker.’ Lissa Tardiani WIEL (Women in Educational Leadership) Conference

‘Feedback from the delegates was, without exception, extremely positive and nearly all commented that the breadth and depth of your words were not only inspirational but also very appropriate and exhilarating. These comments also reinforced similar ones which followed your presentation to our Region East staff at Port Stephens earlier in the year.There is no doubt that the calibre of your presentation and your effusive and engaging personality played a significant role in making the Conference an outstanding success!’ Shane Fitzsimmons Commissioner NSW Rural Fire Service Management Conference

‘Excellent A brilliant speaker who really ‘hit the nail on the head’ with what we were trying to get across.’ Australian Federal Police

‘Robyn’s influence on our annual staff conference turned a good day into a great day. Her engagement with all in attendance left them inspired and challenged resulting in a cultural changing experience for individuals and organisation alike. Robyn’s ability to connect with and motivate people regardless of position or role was exceptional and provided a rich and dynamic context to frame the whole conference’.Sally Linke Adelaide Botanic Gardens

‘Robyn’s breakfast sessions have been the most successful sessions to date. The result was a sensitive, stimulating and thought provoking presentation, evoking in audience members a range of responses rarely seen at such occasions. The feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive, with many saying they experienced significant cognitive and attitudinal shifts, both personally and professionally as a result of both the content and the style of Robyn’s presentation.’M Stephens The Training Consortium ‘Private Goes Public’ Breakfasts (for Public Sector Managers)

‘Excellent. Robyn was outstanding. She showed an extraordinary ability to totally capture her audience, which comprised of farming men and women aged from 30 to 75 plus teenage children. These drought affected families were totally inspired and entertained by Robyn. There is no doubt laughter is the best medicine and Robyn is a brilliant Dr. So many came to her afterwards and to me saying they had changed their attitude and now had renewed energy to go on coping with the drought. We have never had such positive feedback from an audience and there is much enthusiasm from other groups to have her back to other areas nearby. The best drought assistance ever offered to farmers.’ NSW Agriculture (Drought Relief)

‘Thank you so much Robyn for being our guest speaker at the Networking for Women in Senior Management in the State Service. The time and effort and power you put into your words was much appreciated. You connected with and touched everyone in the room. We have never had such wonderful feedback. Everyone felt really enthused afterwards and you gave us some great ideas for keeping that feeling alive.’Wanda Buza Director Women Tasmania.

‘Robyn’s audience of around 700 was very diverse (road crews, child care, water services, general managers, CEO, mayor!) It was in a pavilion with a tin roof at the show-ground at 7.15 am. Within a space of less than one minute, Robyn had engaged with her audience and kept their attention for the whole time span…the staff at Maroochy have given her rave reviews.’ Jocelyn Kwaczynski, Maroochy Shire Council

‘Excellent, Robyn has enormous energy, empathy and social intelligence.She was able to read the audience well and engage accordingly. Here are some delegate quotes from the evaluation of our conference: I really enjoyed the surprise speaker Robyn Moore and got a lot out of her presentation both personally and professionally in terms of improving my communication skills I found the Corporate Speaker, Robyn Moore, to be very inspiring – it was a reminder to all present that the most important asset of an organisation is its people, and that all people have something that they can bring to the organisation The Corporate speaker was mind blowing, gave the day a good start Robyn’s inspirational messages highlighted the importance of valuing staff and allowing them to shine to meet their full potential.’ Emily Sharp Indigenous Land Corporation

‘Thank you for opening my heart and mind to new opportunities for extraordinary experiences with my gorgeous husband and amazing daughter. I saw the menu on offer when I arrived home. Thank you for giving me back the power (I had forgotten I had!) to control my future and life’. delegate at a Multi National Sales Conference

‘Robyn is a very SPECIAL, INSPIRING and DYNAMIC WOMAN who has the gift of touching people’s hearts and minds. She has the ability to make people think about themselves, life, and what we can ALL do to make the world a better place for our children. She certainly gave our participants some ‘food for thought’, and with her inspiring and powerful words/stories, she made them realize how VERY IMPORTANT their jobs are .caring for and educating our children. I feel they walked away with ‘new glasses’ as to how they see their role, and the children and where their work fits in with the big picture stuff. I also think they left with a new ZEST for life!!! Kim Adams Indigenous Professional Support Unit (Bamaga Conference)

‘On behalf of DEEWR I would like to thank you for your presentation on the Power of the Word to the Australian Training Awards Finalists and Australian Apprenticeships Roundtable participants in Darwin. Through your presentation, the students felt empowered to become Ambassadors and advocate the success of the national training system in Australia. Many students expressed to me how your presentation had ‘changed their lives’ by assisting them to understand and be proud of their achievements. Wendy Walker Youth and Industry Skills Group DEEWR

‘Excellent! Robyn was an outstanding success. She related to our teachers in a way that enabled them to gain lots of practical ideas for work, rest and play. We are quite confident that the tools she provided will have a very positive impact on the resiliency of our staff who work in remote Indigenous communities.’ Leonie Jones Top End Group School

‘Thank you so much for your inspirational presentation on Tuesday. Staff have not stopped talking about it and it has really lifted their spirits. It was just the tonic that they needed and deserved. I cannot get over your ability to deliver such a relevant and uplifting session incorporating your voices, stories and the important information about how important our role as an EDUCATOR is. I feel privileged to have been part of the presentation and I know I am better equipped to cope with the issues from the tragedy we had to deal with and the ongoing support of staff and students.’ Greg Holman Principal Upwey High School (Following a school tragedy)

‘I am so happy there are people like Robyn in the world. We all work together to make the world a happier place & most importantly get people to believe in themselves – what a battle that is!! I am so thankful to Robyn for how she instilled pride, love and empowerment into the volunteers. They were made feel special and she acknowledged their service to the community. Comments heard in the audience: ‘I feel so good now She is fantastic I haven’t laughed so much for a long time I am so inspired now! Thank you so much for making the volunteers feel special & EXTRAORDINARY!’ Jenny Donelly Lifeline

‘I lost my son 7 years ago to suicide. It has been an incredible journey for me since then kick started by attending your ‘You Can’ Day’ at Glenorchy Civic Centre shortly after he died. That forum made such a difference to my life and my outlook. You have an amazing capacity to show people that they can do anything that they want if they dare to find the courage to take those first few steps’. A courageous Mum who took on being ‘Extraordinary, Passionate and Healed

‘Extraordinarily excellent! Robyn provided our conference guests with a wonderfully balanced mix of ‘MOTOR-VATION’, empowerment, tug at the heartstrings reality, mixed with important messages about family and community values. Individual feedback received such as: ‘This is the best conference in 10 years’ is partly due to Robyn’s wonderful presentation.’ John Lockie Road Safe Central Victoria VIC Roads

‘I write to thank you for the marvelous content and presentation of your material regarding Relationships at our conference.The delegate responses were overwhelmingly thankful for having the opportunity to hear you speak, and several spoke of marriages back on track and of difficult situations resolved.’ BCT Communications Pty Ltd ‘Robyn, you were fantastic!My husband had a bad car accident several years ago, you have shown me to appreciate what I have, my husband is my rock. You are very healing beats pills!’ A delegate (Franchisee Conference)

‘The feedback on your presentation from our delegates has been nothing short of outstanding! As you saw Robyn, the people you met are real winners and they are always looking for that extra boost to help them through their next busy year you gave them that. Words like, inspirational, exciting and motivating were in most pieces of feedback we received.’Helen Karataglidis (Implementation Manager) NAB Incentive Conference NZ

‘Excellent! Robyn was fantastic. The beauty of her presentation is its simplicity. She doesn’t use complicated theories and models to energise and refocus the group, just stories and reflections that bring your focus back to the important things in work and life. I’ve never seen a speaker elicit such a range of emotions from an audience – from tears to laughter and everything in between. Many people in the group commented that it was exactly what they needed to hear.’ Brad Cox Bristol-Myers Squibb Sales Team

‘Independent evaluations were conducted for each session held in the area. 97% rated the sessions as ‘excellent’ 1% was’very good’ and 2% added their own reply as ‘extraordinary’. Y12 students attended the 10.00 am session and went home and insisted their parents come. Several parents had previous engagements and were convinced by their children to change these and come along to the 7.00 pm session. Robyn handled the diversity of the audiences with absolute professionalism. The audience was entranced, engaged and at the completion found themselves to be ‘extraordinary’. People are already calling for her return.’Senior Constable Roberta Barry Swan Hill Police (3 Talks)

‘Excellent! Thank you so much for the absolutely fantastic, engaging presentation at our Office Professionals’ Breakfast. I have been receiving all these emails with HAVE AN EXTRAORDINARY DAY on the bottom. People are still talking about the Breakfast as if it just happened and articles are still appearing in the newspaper! Many people who did not attend have been hearing the feedback and have indicated they definitely will not miss out next year-people are reserving places and tables already! People still cannot believe that you really did make them laugh and cry at the same time and how energised they were when they left the Breakfast! I have had comments from people who have attended conferences and breakfasts all around the world stating that you are without a doubt, the best presenter they have seen. Thank you for warming and lightening 
the hearts of many Bendigonians, something which was really needed at this time.’Beth Francis-Wright Bendigo Breakfast (300 mostly women) Australian Institute of Office Professionals

‘I cannot thank you enough for your generosity in sharing your knowledge, expertise and humour. Everyone I speak to continues to sing your praises. Eg: Fantastic, relevant and 100% useful to take back to the Ronald McDonald House and spread the word Entertaining. I laughed and cried within 10 seconds Probably the most inspiring speaker we’ve ever had Outstanding presentation from a highly motivational speaker Fantastic x 3 Robyn deserves more than 5 points. She has a special and honest nature. She will definitely be remembered as the highlight of this conference Robyn was ‘extraordinary’. She made me think about and understand so much more about myself and others The most powerful and heart-lifting speaker I have ever heard Words I will never forget Created laughter, light-heartedness and shows a deep passion Simply outstanding.’ Kathy Prior Ronald McDonald House SE Asia Conference (Franchisees &Volunteers)

‘Excellent. Just outstanding – many people claiming the best speaker they had heard in over 20 years. Inspiring, funny and profound – a great success!’ Xavier College (Melbourne) Staff PD Day

‘Robyn was an absolute highlight of the Conference. She blew us away. Her talk had the absolute touch of human reality with connection after connection flowing. She did what she claimed she’d do – we laughed and laughed but also cried and were helped to see things from a fresh perspective. I’ve heard many speakers but no one as good as Robyn Moore – an absolute joy to work with. Incredibly funny and yet powerful insights that touched our hearts.’ Bishop Stephen Hale Anglican Clergy Conference

Client ‘Thank You’ Event: ‘Robyn is a fantastic presenter who can read an audience and tailor her presentation to them. She is enthusiastic, entertaining, insightful and left a very positive message for all. This is the second time we have experienced Robyn’s work and she simply gets better.Hanmorres Financial Services

Staff Acknowledgement Event: ‘Robyn was extremely well received by the Estee Lauder Group. To be able to hold an audience of such diverse background, age and experience in your hands for 2 hours is incredible. What a talent. The talk was touching, passionate, funny, enlightening all rolled into one. We can hear people around the building talking about this wonderful experience which will stay with us for a long time.’Trudy Devereux Estee Lauder

Caring for the Carer. ‘Excellent! Robyn delivers a message that is like a shot of vitamin B, dark chocolate and good wine and should be delivered regularly. She constantly pulls you from your own thoughts into the future, into the moment, and into valuing the now and the self. From laughter to tears to laughter there is not a person who cannot be moved by the integration of stories and experiences that she shares. You arrive at her session with a sense of anticipation and leave with a sense of purpose defined.Marie Alford Alzheimers Australia SA (Carers Conference) 2012

‘You empower and enable others to become more real as human beings & this is a truly great talent. But above all, the thing that really pleased me the most, was your uncanny ability to weave so many of the issues that I had emphasised in our brief talk together into your presentation; it was totally tailored to our situation and 100% relevant – I felt at all times that you were really talking to us as a group with stories, anecdotes and references that tied it all back into strata management and us as a goup!’ CEO at Staff Retreat