Susan Sheehan

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Susan Sheehan has been a personal and professional success Coach, PT and Pilates trainer for 25 years. She  is an International Speaker and best selling Author, managing partner in SMARTCOACH7, creator of the LiveFree40+Plan and an anthority on brain training.  Hailing from across the Tasman Susan has studied and worked in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

She says “we live in an information age and we are responsible for own lives and our future. Success is the process of continually growing and improving oneself and it starts with overcoming doubt, fear, anxiety, procrastination and low self-worth.  It is  a result of quality thinking and intended action and it can all be learned.”  

Susan has survived successfully the death of a daughter, rape, domestic abuse and has a son with an intellectual disability.  Susan’s story is inspirational and she is a walking testament to what is possible. She has studied with 3 internationally acclaimed leaders in the personal and professional development industry and she is passionate about sharing her success to help other people live healthy rich lives.