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Cesar Aldea is a living testament to resilience, purpose-driven entrepreneurship, and the boundless potential of the human spirit.
With a life journey marked by adversity and a relentless commitment to creating positive change, Cesar has emerged as an inspirational force for individuals and organisations alike.

Born in Chile during the early ‘80s, Cesar’s childhood was a story of navigating challenges and responsibilities from a young age. He became his mother’s unwavering support system, shouldering the responsibility of raising his two younger brothers at the tender age of 12 when his father’s mental health led to his absence and, ultimately, a tragic end.

In 2007, Cesar’s pursuit of a career as a physiotherapist led him to migrate to Australia, but life had more tests in store for him. Among the most challenging was the loss of his mother to an aggressive cancer in 2012, while he was living on the other side of the world. Instead of succumbing to grief, Cesar transformed his pain into an unstoppable force for good.

This transformation birthed Across the Bay to Conquer Cancer, which later evolved into Paddle Across the Bay, a charity aimed at raising funds for cancer research and mental health and promoting a healthy lifestyle through watersport challenges. To date, this initiative has rallied more than 1,500 participants and raised over $1M, with the vision of becoming the “Melbourne Marathon on the water.”

In 2014, Cesar transitioned from clinical practice to the corporate world, leading a team of 150 clinicians towards business success. Yet, his calling for something more profound and genuine led him to establish Aldea Consulting, dedicated to helping healthcare businesses grow sustainably.

Cesar’s passion for helping others is unmistakable, and his ability to fuse business with purpose is central to his life ethos. Through Aldea Consulting,
he empowers healthcare operators with innovative and sustainable solutions
to expand their businesses. Simultaneously, his online telehealth psychology service, Feeling Better, emphasises holistic well-being and mental health support.

Cesar Aldea’s life and work embody the belief that one person can create enduring change. His unwavering commitment to doing good, dedication to helping others reach their full potential, and firm belief in the power of the human spirit to overcome challenges are at the heart of his compelling message.