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Claire Madden is a social researcher, media commentator, keynote presenter, TEDx speaker, business consultant, and founder and Director of the strategy and communications agency, Hello Clarity.
Claire is in demand for her skill in effectively identifying the emerging trends and assisting business leaders to strategically respond to them.

With academic qualifications in communications and postgraduate studies in leadership, Claire brings robust, research-based content to her engaging presentations and consulting. Claire is on the board for a financial services company and on the Advisory Board of UTS Business School.

In addition to delivering keynote presentations at conferences in Australia and overseas, Claire is booked to conduct training days for corporate and not for profit clients, facilitate panels across an array of industries and deliver workshops across diverse generations.

Claire is uniquely placed as an expert on social trends, organisational culture and generational engagement.

The emerging generations comprise today’s students, but they are also the emerging employees and a consumer force in their own right, and beyond that, they have unprecedented influence over parental purchases, and over the next two decades will be the recipients of the biggest intergenerational wealth transfer in history.  Claire is a social researcher with years of experience in understanding and shaping youth culture and developing emerging leaders.  Whether it be a staff and teacher development day for educational organisations, a management training workshop for employers or a keynote address on marketing and branding for a corporate audience, Claire is at ease in presenting and facilitating at both conference and in-house contexts.

Examples of the sessions that Claire delivers:

  • Conference keynotes
  • Management and employer workshops
  • Marketing and branding workshops
  • In-house sessions
  • Intergenerational team training
  • Board briefings and strategic planning retreats

Education professional development days


Keynote & Workshop Topics

From the Baby Boomers and Generation X and Generation Y, it is now Generation Z and Generation Alpha that are emerging.  These new generations are global, social, visual and technological.  They are the most connected, educated and sophisticated generations ever.  They are the up-agers, with influence beyond their years.  They are the tweens, the teens, the youth and young adults of our global society.  They are the early adopters, the brand influencers, the social media drivers, the pop-culture leaders.  They comprise nearly 2 billion people globally, and they don’t just represent the future, they’re creating it.  To understand the trends, to respond to the changes, and to be positioned to thrive in these changing times, it is essential to understand these next gens.
Take a look at Claire’s speaking topics below:

Generation Z Defined

The 7 key factors of this global generation

There are 4.6 million reasons to engage Generation Z, the students of today and university graduates, employees and consumers of tomorrow. They are truly the 21st Century generation, with the whole of their formative years lived in this century.
They are sizable, digital, global, visual and social.  Their lives are post-lifestage, their learning is post-linear and their careers post-structural.  In this session Claire will outline how to best engage with the most formally educated, technologically literate and materially endowed generation in history.